Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: New Light & Shadow Tour Video, Custom Hat, & Process Pics

19 October 2010

New Light & Shadow Tour Video, Custom Hat, & Process Pics

“Learn your flaw, because your flaw is also your glory.”

"In fact, something cannot be internalized until we emerge from our embeddedness in it, for it is our embeddedness, our subjectivity, that leads us to project it onto the world in our constitutions of reality."

"The widest audience I'm trying to reach is simply every aspect of myself. The goal is not reaching out, the goal is reaching in."

• "Tin Heart," Another Roadside Music Video from The Light & Shadow Tour

My tour with journalist and film-maker Charles Shaw is almost halfway through – we've been engaging audiences across the country in conversation about the repressed and denied aspects of our personal and collective psyche...and filming interviews for his Unheard Voices Project (an online archive of testimonials about the U.S. criminal justice system...contact him if you would like to get involved). Meanwhile, I've taken a few opportunities to pause along the way and record performances for the serialized video album, Light & Shadow: Unplugged Across America.

Here's the latest – a bantamweight anthem about forgiving ourselves for this whole "incarnation" debacle:

"Tin Heart," by Michael Garfield

The remaining three weeks of our will take us through the South and South East, up to Chicago and then across and back up the East Coast to New York. Have a look at our tour schedule and updated program info...I hope we can meet up along the way!

• New Big Gigantic Custom Ball Cap

My latest custom assignment was for a fellow fan of my home team band, Big Gigantic – those are the Boulder Flatirons along the brim, along with a few of my client's favorite plants making an appearance in the overall cornucopia of delight. Now she can represent with the best of 'em...

I'm always open to doing more custom hats (or whatever I can paint on), so if you have any wild ambitions for embellishing yourself, email me about them!

• Peer into the Process of a Few Earlier Paintings

I recently went back in time and took pictures of some paintings from last year in varying states of completion. Click on the images below to get a better look at my process – how I build up from the broad shapes into increasingly intricate detail:

Field Guide to Live Artists: Jamie Morgan

Jamie Morgan is the latest addition to my Field Guide To Live Artists, an online interview archive with everyone crazy enough to set up an easel at a concert. This is an opportunity for community to develop out of this scattered emergent art movement, for the artists to get to know and promote one another, and for us all to draw from our collective well of inspiration. Know anybody who'd like to be involved? Send them my way!

• MG at Art Outside Festival in Austin, Texas

Next Stop: Art Outside Festival, my first musical gig in Austin and by all accounts one of the finest boutique art festivals in the entire U.S. I'll be playing on this amazing stage at 2:30 pm on Saturday the 23rd, and then painting live alongside hundreds of other performance painters, studio artists, dancers, installations, and other amazing displays of human creativity. Make it out if you can, and if you know anybody within a day's drive of this awesomeness, let them know it's about to go doooooooown... (Here's the facebook event page.)

Thanks for your time, stay in touch, and have a glorious day!