Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: Surfing The Singularity & Other Heady Ideas

19 May 2012

Surfing The Singularity & Other Heady Ideas

"So often do the spirits of great events stride on before the events. And in today already walks tomorrow."
– Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"My goal isn't to take away your confusion. Confusion is a fertile field in which everything is possible. If you think you 'know,' you've just calcified again."
– Ram Dass

It's my calling to open people up to a bigger panorama, to make the connections, to work magic with metaphor, to initiate people's imaginations and make them wonder at the world they are...which is why I savor the opportunity to get in front of groups and talk about deep time, the cosmos, technology, spirituality, and the evolution of the human experience...

Here I am doing my best Terence McKenna impersonation in the wildest, most free-roaming of these talks to date, on living through times of accelerating change – in which I discuss the convergence of cosmic conjunctions with the intensification of interconnected intelligences, and what kind of world that might mean for us in the years to come:

"Good While It Lasted"

The latest of my fretboard-tapping acoustic ballads, recorded live at The Convent in San Francisco – an actual convent, converted into an art co-op some years ago, where they host occasional acoustic shows in their lovely small chapel.  It seemed like the perfect place to sneak away alone and record this song, which I wrote while on ayahuasca retreat in Peru last March, when the end of the world was heavy on my mind.

Both technically and emotionally, this is probably my most intricate song yet – apologies for the camera's sound quality, but we'll have a better version soon.  Lyrics below:

It came and it went; it rose and it crested
and all we had spent exceeded what we'd invested.
No hard feelings; I like to think we're beyond that.
One life is peeling; now darling, don't look back.

How many times must this motor die before
it's easier to walk there than to open that hood once more?
No hard feelings; I'd like to think we agree on that one little thing
but my head is reeling to think of what our hearts threw back...

It was good while it lasted, but now we are so far past it.
The dreams that we crafted dissolved in the dawn light's blast.
We've never been best at surrendering or falling back
but now that we've rafted across, we can let go at last.

GRCxMG: It's Finally Here!

After months of prototyping and eager anticipation, my fully-embroidered (and screen-printed!) collaboration with hat connoisseurs Grassroots California is finally here!  Check it out:

I only have a few of these in each size so if you'd like one please let me know right away!  The hat plus shipping is $65 and if you buy it from me it all goes directly to the artist.  (Buying it from Grassroots only helps my reputation.)  Just send the money with a note on your hat size and mailing address through the paypal "donate" link on my website...I'll have it in the mail to you immediately.

Reason #152 why I love my job.  Click on the picture to see the whole gallery from a lovely week of communion with enthusiastic revelers in both Denver and Dallas...

New Custom-Painted Hats

Some of these were private commissions; some of them ended up in Grassroots California's custom shop.  They're all sold now but if you want some unique and personal work done, just let me know...

Where I'll Be This Summer...

These are just the festival dates; I have a full calendar with additional shows in Kansas City, Boulder, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, and more on my website as well as on Facebook.  I'm also eager to hear from anyone who wants me in their hometown – I do my best to play everywhere people want me!  So drop me a line if you want to help put something together...

If you want to attend Desert Rocks and don't have a ticket, using "michaelgarfield" as the promo code when you check out through their website will save you $10.  Not a bad way to set off into one of this summer's finest events!