Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: The Enlightenment Conference, New Print Store, & Plenty More Art

05 August 2012

The Enlightenment Conference, New Print Store, & Plenty More Art

"People wish to be settled; only so far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them."

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge."

Register for The Enlightenment Conference!
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I was just confirmed as a speaker for one of the most awesome online events I've even heard of: The Enlightenment Conference, a three-week intensive with luminaries the world over, including Alex & Allyson Grey, Lama Surya Das, Father Thomas Keating, Jean Houston, Howard Bloom, my singer-songwriter role model Stuart Davis, my friends The Nadis Warriors, and dozens of other amazing people who will be sharing their insights on how to wed spiritual development with life in the world of business, family, and the everyday.

Not only can you just sign up for free and get all of the recordings as they're released, but you can also apply for a student or low-income scholarship (although the whole thing costs less than a hundred bucks, if you're sitting pretty).  They're also accepting late registrations...sign up today and get access to the collective wisdom of an utterly inspiring group of people!

My Latest Article on BigThink

When I have the time for it, I write and speak on issues of human-technology co-evolution in loose affiliation with the Hybrid Reality Institute, whose blog on BigThink.com has featured some of my finest writing.  The latest installment is an excerpt from my epic two-hour conversation with poet-philosopher William Irwin Thompson, one of the most incandescent minds I have ever encountered.  We spoke about why prophecy is not prediction, compared the futures of Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Kurzweil, discussed elemental magic, and much more...

If you're interested in how the past connects to the future – and who isn't? – it's a great read.  :)

New Video: "All That's Left Is Stars"

From my April show at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  An old song, a sweet song, one that captures that feeling I went on to try and express in almost all of my improvised instrumentals...the lyrics are below so you can read along while you listen:
We laid on the lawn, the grass to our backs
and emptied our minds in frozen silence.
Night stretched on with imperceptible swirls,
our ghosts through space in a patient spiral.

The constellations drifting apart.
Meaning is lost and all that's left is stars.

Dim clouds milkshade the pointillist black.
There's nothing but breeze through open quiet.
It's a slow pulsing fade from tense and withdrawn,
expanding in place with broken lightness...

The constellations drifting apart.
Meaning is lost and all that's left is stars.

You can download the whole album here:
An Aria For ABIA: Live at Austin Airport

New Convenient Way To Buy Prints

Until today, ordering my prints has been kind of a pain: by email only, and there wasn't a single place online where you could see absolutely all of my paintings and make an informed decision.

But I fixed it!  Take a look at my new merchandise shop at Bandcamp and scratch your head, as I did, at how I managed to crank out over 250 paintings (!) in four and a half years. Once you've enjoyed a stroll through the archives, it's easier than ever to buy the ones that sing to your inner ear.

(As always, I offer discounts if you want two or more prints; for that you'll still have to contact me with your order.) 

Collaboration with Chaeli Cardenas and Jeremiah Allen Welch
6" x 12" – paint marker & spray paint on masonite

This was an orphan piece for almost two years, after Jeremiah Allen Welch gave me this stenciled board during the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference in 2010.  But then I pawned it off to my friend Chaeli Cardenas and she got me inspired to work on it again...  Lord only knows what we're looking at, here.

Body Art at Firefly Gathering

Custom-Painted Hats

Wheee!  All the live long day.  If you want one, hit me up with your hat style, size, favorite colors, any ideas for symbols or patterns, budget (typically between $80 – $150), and mailing address.  Right now touring slows everything else down but I'm still turning around orders in about three weeks.

Upcoming Festivals

I book new shows all the time, so be sure to check my full calendar on the blog or facebook – especially if you live in Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, or Indiana – but here are the biggie festivals I'm excited about:

Thanks for reading, stay in touch, and have a beautiful day!