Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: Love Scenes & Field Recordings

03 October 2012

Love Scenes & Field Recordings

"The sound of love opens doors."

With last week's Harvest Moon, we're now full-speed into autumn and the wildest, most transformative summer of my life is now officially on the books.  Between festivals, house concerts, indoor raves, yoga studio gigs, and other bizarre diversions, I ended up with not only some of my finest paintings yet, but also over 24 hours of recordings from concerts I played all over the country.

The resulting collection, Love Scenes & Field Recordings, gathers my favorite performances on "cyberacoustic" solo guitar & effects into one two-hour, twenty-eight song journey through the mystical realms of music at once ancient and futuristic, familiar and totally new.  

In partnership with Re:Evolution MediaSolpurpose.com, I've been releasing one track per day since the most-awesome holiday of Michaelmas on September 29th.  You can hear everything available so far by clicking through the time portal:

I'm really proud of this album; but Love Scenes & Field Recordings is not just about the music – for this release I was lucky enough to collaborate with a dozen amazing visionary artists on a gorgeous 34-page liner booklet with art by Geoglyphiks, Rae Vena, Adam Scott Miller, Dadara, Emily Kell, Chaeli Cardenas, Gregory Pettit, Bonnie Goodson, David Titterington, Kimberly Kite, Bryce Widom, Randal Roberts, & Kathi Stutler Schmeider.

The hi-res pdf liner notes are part of each album download.  Here is just a taste (click to enlarge):

Preorder it at Bandcamp before October 27th and you'll also be on the list for some exclusive treats...in the meantime, you can stay tuned via my FB or Twitter pages to hear each new track as it's released.

New Futurology Talk Online

This is the wildest, weirdest, most free-range mashup of a talk I've ever given – pretty much every topic I've ever discussed made it in there somehow, and the result is one hell of a rant.  I offer it to you here as a gift for your enjoyment and inspiration.  Excerpts below the link:

"The Singularity really only means this horizon of incomprehensibility. It means this point beyond which we cannot imagine. And that point is constantly moving! And in fact, it's not one point; it's different for everyone, because we all exist of a different biochemical and electromagnetic constitution. None of us are exactly the same pattern, and so therefore the horizon of our sensibility varies slightly, from model to model."

"The Grey alien I find uniquely compelling, because it represents this isomorphic projection into the future of what we currently understand as the trend in [our] evolution leading up to this moment – which is that we become sexually mature adults at earlier and earlier phases of development."  

"If we are going to talk about things in terms of information, then the entity that we describe as the internet has to be regarded as a much more complex, intricate, and dynamic informational entity than any human being, or community of human beings, and is therefore in some sense transcendent to us."

Custom Painted Hats

A few of my recent projects.  I'm always accepting new commissions, so if you'd like one of your own don't hesitate to hit me up!

These four are my first productions for the increasingly-impressive collection of unique artist collection hats at The Headspace – they also have great work by my buds Omar Chow, Tourmaline Todd, Elisa Rose Mountain, and Andy Reed, among others...

Upcoming Shows

Some great gigs coming up for my friends in Colorado, Kansas, and Texas!  I'm especially excited for return gigs at Art Outside Festival and shows with the always-excellent Papadosio & Octopus Nebula in November.  The amazing Topher Sipes of ARTheism will be joining me for live digital animation for my sets in Boulder and San Marcos, and possibly a few more.

Click the schedule for more info on my homepage:

Thanks for reading and have a magical day!