Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: The First Google Glass Music Videos | Cowboys Underground | New Hats & Shirt | My Burning Man Schedule

24 July 2013

The First Google Glass Music Videos | Cowboys Underground | New Hats & Shirt | My Burning Man Schedule

"Maps of reality are so powerful that we forget that they are maps."

"Language is more powerful than, and prior to, any other form of technology."

Well, guys, we are over the rainbow.  I just got back from a week in New York City, getting initiated into Google's Glass Explorer Program, that made my already-synchronistic life look like the black and white intro to Wizard of Oz.  I have so, SO many amazing things to share with you – too many to fit into this newsletter, which I may have to morph to a weekly offering in order to keep pace with the accelerating rate of amazement.  (It's paradoxically the only way I can respect your time – by not making you read an entire magazine every time I send you updates.)

To my knowledge, I'm the first person in the world to record point-of-view video from stage while performing live music – at Penny's Open Mic in the East Village:

"It Hurts So We're Not Dead" in NYC #throughglass

...and then I stopped off on my way out of town at Evan "Skytree" Snyder's apartment to film this music video in his awesome bedroom mirror:

"The Cartographers" in NYC #throughglass

And in just 48 hours, I'm celebrating the end of José Arguelles' Dreamspell Calendar AND psychedelic visionary Aldous Huxley's birthday by screencasting my performance at Gratifly Festival through a projector and onto the stage behind me – closing the loop between artist and audience, letting people see firsthand what I'm doing with my equipment and what they look like on stage.  THIS is digital empathy, people!  A true and utter paradigm shift.  I'm extremely honored to have this opportunity and am already eager to share it with you.  I hope you'll be there but if you aren't, worry not: like everything these days, it WILL be recorded.  ;)

Now, of course, I haven't stopped sharing my "Landscape Channel" video series, which is another angle on the "Michael's point-of-view" idea and an attempt to share with you some of the beautiful places I get to inhabit in my travels.  Here's one from Om Vibrations 2013, where you get to see the amazing lighting design by Synaesthesiax that made this cave jam such a treat for the eyeballs:

"Cowboys Underground" – Live in Longhorn Cavern

New Hats for The Headspace

A series of collaborations with my main conspirator-in-art and awesome roommate, Chaeli Cardenas.
Check out The Headspace for more great custom designs by me and a bunch of other artists...

New Hat & T-Shirt for Herbivore Designs

My third artist signature hat for Grassroots California is about to be released through Austin's own Herbivore Designs.  This is the first hat I've painted with a final embroidered product in mind, and in my personal opinion it's my best yet:

The hat has an accompanying Herbivore Designs tee – I really enjoyed getting back to my roots with pen and ink line illustration and going full-melt on this life-after-death design:

Burning Man: Oh it's on.

Yes, it's true.  I'll be staging my humbly triumphant return to this synchronicity pressure cooker just in time to contribute my music and ideas to some of the finest speaker line-ups this side of the millenium...

(I'll also be roving the Playa in my new life as a Glass Correspondent, covering all of the most amazing new technologies and art installations I can find.  Stay tuned for more about that in the weeks to come as I gear up for a crowdfunding campaign to defray my expenses and share a few of the amazing inventions I encountered on my trip to New York.)

My full BRC schedule is TBA – but for now, check out the amazing offerings by these two camps:

Fractal Planet is also taking a quantum leap and powering their camp with a RevAir vertical mag-lev wind turbine – clean, quiet energy that will turn the desert winds into the electrical life of celebration. Support their crowdfunding campaign and help usher in a new era for transformational festivals...

You may remember Palenque Norte as the annual conference co-founded by Terence McKenna back in the 1990s.  It is still going strong in Black Rock City and has featured such luminaries as Alex & Allyson Grey, Alexander & Ann Shulgin, John Perry Barlow, Bruce Damer, and more...

So Begins My Tour of the Southeast...

The Love Without End Tour rolls through South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Ohio starting tomorrow.  Check my website's sidebar for a full calendar, or click the pics below for highlights:

Awesome first-year thing.  If all goes according to plan, my first performance with Glass.

An official Gratifly after-party!

A Unitus Festival pre-party ft. the music of The Fresh French, Kynara, & Feverkin.

This one came out of nowhere and is gearing up to be one of this summer's sleeper hits.

A tiny but juicy event in the beautiful mountains outside Boone, NC.

My fourth year out of four. Easily one of the best festivals of the entire year. Period.

And thank you for reading!  I hope you get as much out of this as I put into it.  Feedback is always welcome.  May your life be full of inspiration, empowerment, and beauty!