Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: History



live painting for Jantsen & Digital Ethos

singer-songwriter set

live painting for Kalya Scintilla, Mindex, Drrtywulvz

live notes for panels, live digital painting for Tone Ranger, live podcasting

singer-songwriter set

"spirit animals" group gallery show opening reception


Singer-Songwriter Performance

Music, Art, & Speaking

Future Fossils Podcast Live & Panel Moderation

Opening for Melissa Gail's Album Release Party, 7 - 11 pm

Cyberacoustic Guitar + Kava Soirée, Volume 5 (FREE)

Cyberguitar & live painting for the 
International Rock Stacking Championship

Cyberguitar for EFF-Austin's Unofficial SXSW Party
"The Cypherpunks Strike Back"

Decentralized Art Shows Cryptocurrency Art Gathering

Cyberacoustic Guitar + Live Painting + Workshop

Cyberacoustic Guitar – Support for Random Rab w/ Happy Happy James

Cyberguitar for Flow Arts

Live notes & podcast coverage exploring Wisdom Economy Design

Cyberguitar with TAP, alongside Mystic Prism, Zenturion, Irie Samurai, and a dozen others!

Free, public Singer-Songwriter performance for Austin's homeless

Live Painting for Save Our Springs Alliance (private event)

Interstitial hyperguitar performance

Livestreamed solo songwriter/hyperguitar performance

Weekend-long high desert celebration at 3-Sided Whole
Singer-songwriter performance and futurology talk

Cyberguitar, panel discussion, and generative scribing for the Santa Fe Institute's inaugural festival
...alongside legends like Neal Stephenson, Cory Doctorow, Martine Rothblatt, Annalee Newitz, and more!

Featured Artist for Create:Culture, Live Digital Painting

Opening for Erothyme & Sonic Geometry

25 August - Austin, TX - Square Rüt Kava Bar
Cyberacoustic guitar set

7 - 9 September - Austin, TX - Waterloo Music Festival
Live painting as team lead for a seven-person collaboration and fourteen-person chillzone team

28 - 30 September – San Marcos, TX – Co:Creation Festival
Live looping workshop, music for yoga, & digital live painting

Live music, live painting, live podcast tapings, live looping workshop

Live music with Andrew Noble on mandolin/violin

live painting for The Widdler, Pushloop, Drrtywulvz


FINAL Looper's Night! #24 w/ cohost Jenuine Cello
$6 // all ages // 10pm - 12am

Cyberacoustic guitar set w/ Starmind Ceremony, Blind Lead The Blind, Airport BLVD
7 pm // $5

Webstreamed ARTJam (open painting session/hangout)

Superluminal:  Group art show with Gregory Pettit & Elliot Rogers

Live Painting, Music, Speaking

"Living in the Future" – Music & Speaking & Art Display

Live Painting for Afterglow (Official Rainbow Serpent Afterparty)

Music & Conversation with the Australian Psychedelic Society

"Living in the Future" – Music & Speaking & Art Display at the Sydney Spore

Private Innovation Lab Q&A:  Evolution's Lessons for the Future of Business

Music, Speaking, Art at Somara's "Winged Seed Takes Flight" Event

Live painting alongside Randal Roberts, Morgan Mandala, Collin Elder, Adam Scott Miller, & more

Cyberacoustic Guitar for Adam Scott Miller's visionary art workshop

Painting, Speaking, Music

Featured Musician & Gallery Artist

Music, Painting, & 360 Photography

Cyberacoustic Guitar w/ Synesthesia
for the Electronic Frontier Foundation Party at SXSW
(also featuring Cory Doctorow, Bruce Sterling, Neil Harbisson, Moon Ribas)

Singer-songwriter set & live painting (free public event)

Live Painting & Gallery Display in the Art Outside Village

Cyberguitar, Live Podcast Tapings, Visionary Art Gallery

Cyberguitar & Live Painting 

Apocalyptic Folk Singer-Songwriter Set. 8 - 10pm

Special Live Taping of Future Fossils Podcast
Panelists: Heather Barfield, Maggie Duval, Paul Toprac, Kevin Welch

Live Painting for DJs Beto, La Nuit, Soulstairs, & Chorizo Funk

Decentralized Art Shows – Cryptocurrency Art Opening

Cyberguitar set with Hello Crescendo, Bull Moose & Bonnie, laissez faire cassette

Cyberguitar set with HoneySon, AlexAlco, Mode Dodeca

Singer-songwriter set with Josh Glenn Experiment - 9pm

Singer-songwriter set & tour launch party (FREE / ALL AGES)

Speaking & Music
Full Talk & Music schedule HERE

Speaking & Music at Palenque Norte and Burners Without Borders
Full Talk & Music schedule HERE

The festival's first-ever sunrise set!

Cyberacoustic Guitar Set for William Allan Ross' art opening

Cosmic Americana & Cyberballadry – free all ages show

Bitcoin Conference Afterparty: Decentralized Art Shows
Cyberacoustic Guitar & Painting Gallery

Original Music & Sound Design for P3M5:
Plurality of Privacy Project in 5-Minute Plays
Cyberguitar with Google Glass Performance on Opening Night

Cyberacoustic Guitar Instrumental Set
9:30 - 11pm • $15 covers music AND tea

Live Painting

The Resurrected Paint Jam Band

11 Sept - 11 Nov – Online – Original Painting Liquidation Sale
Score some of my art at insane discounts so I can write an awesome collection of short essays

Use coupon code "GarfieldConvergence" for 10% off your ticket

Solstice Electroacoustic Showcase (headlining!) with Umanistan & MUNN


Solstice Live Presents FREE WEEK
First performance EVER for PYROGRAPH(Michael Garfield on guitar, Jen Mulhern on cello, Jason Traweek on percussion)along with Capyac, Henry & The Invisibles, Food Group, & Blanc

Loopers' Night #12 w/ cohost Jenuine Cello
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $5

FREE solo acoustic performing songwriter performance
11am - 1pm

Acoustic songwriter setbreaks and
Live painting for ART HAUS – free – 8pm - 12am

Live painting for Dosage x Irie Samurai x Sharkweek x Bonus Junk

Live painting from 11am - 3pm, FREE event

29 January – Austin, TX – Wanderlust Yoga
Live music Residency for Jerry's "Bittersweet Yoga" Class
5:30 - 6:30 pm – visit the link for more details

Loopers' Night #13 ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! w/ cohost Jenuine Cello
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $5

5 February – Austin, TX – Wanderlust Yoga
Live music 
Residency for Jerry's "Bittersweet Yoga" Class
5:30 - 6:30 pm – visit the link for more details

Live painting for Beats Antique, Lettuce, Tycho, Polish Ambassador, & more!

House concert, $10 suggested donation (nobody will be turned away)

Live painting for a 5K Run / Music Festival sponsored by Spotify

21 February – Austin, TX – Body Hacking Conference
Moderating a panel on on Meditation, Mindfulness, & Technology

Singer-Songwriter/Percussive Guitar Set
Opening for Grace Park & The Deer

Live Painting Demonstration / Meet & Greet
11am - 3pm - FREE // ALL AGES

Cyberacoustic Guitar instrumental improv with Kiely Rutledge
4 - 5 pm – visit the link for more details

Loopers' Night #14 w/ cohost Jenuine Cello
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $5

Live Painting Demonstration / Meet & Greet
11am - 3pm - FREE // ALL AGES

Live painting by Create Culture
with musical collaboration by the Loopers' Night Ensemble

Live painting for "Of Sound Mind" (A Benefit for SIMS Foundation)
to the music of Shapescenes, The Rare Birds, idle ants, & The Halfways

Music & Live Painting for the 2nd annual rock-stacking championship!

Percussive Guitar & Cyberballadry
Free citywide event!

Live painting and artist panel moderation

Live Painting Demonstration / Meet & Greet
11am - 3pm - FREE // ALL AGES

24 - 26 March – Kerrville, TX – Head for the Hills Festival
Live painting for Ozric Tentacles, Euforquestra, Kung Fu, Consider the Source, & more

Solo cyberguitar & cyberballadry set, 1 - 3 pm

Microsessions #2 ("speed dating for live music")
playing five short sets and one long set
along with The Lagoons, Grace Park & Jesse Dalton of The Deer, 
More Eaze, and Chazz Bissette of Silver Ships

Live music & Live Painting for an SSDP Kickoff
More info TBA

Live Music & Live Painting

Live painting by Create Culture
with musical collaboration by the Loopers' Night Ensemble

Live music for "Earth Consciousness & The Lore of the Amazon"
a live event with symposium and salon
featuring Ralph Metzner, Dennis McKenna, Rick Doblin, 
Allan Badiner, John Allen, & more

Loopers' Night #15 w/ cohost Jenuine Cello
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $5

Live solo set at Waterloo Records (ticketed passengers only), 1pm - 3pm

Live painting by Create Culture
with musical collaboration by the Loopers' Night Ensemble

Instrumental cyberguitar set for warmed vinyasa flow
with Kiely – 4 pm

Live painting for Create Culture

Loopers' Night #16 w/ cohost Jenuine Cello
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $5

Live painting for The Deer (album release), Holiday Mountain, Blue Healer

Live painting and vending for the Local Art Market

PYROGRAPH (trio w/ Jenuine Cello & Math Judson)
supporting Lost In A World of Color

Speaking on Technoshamanism & teaching an interactive live looping workshop!

Live painting at Create Culture 
(First Wednesdays EDM/live art monthly)

Loopers' Night #17, 10 pm - 12 am, $5, all ages
Monthly live looping collaborative improv soirée
Guitarist Showcase w/ Shane Dooley, James Sidlo, Wil Brookhart

Solo art show opening reception
FREE, ALL AGES, 7:30pm - 11:30pm

Paint Jam #4, 5 - 10 pm, $5, all ages
Monthly live painting and big band live electronic jam
featuring members of the Austin Loop Collective
Bring your own art supplies and make things with us!

Live Painting, Speaking, Music, Wedding Ceremony Officiation
7th Consecutive Year in Attendance

Live Painting & Speaking

PYROGRAPH sunrise festival closer set
(trio project with Jen Mulhern on cello & Math Judson on drums)

Loopers' Night #18, 10 pm - 12 am, $5, all ages
Monthly live looping collaborative improv soirée

Livestream painting session & listening party
for Michael's new album, "Little Bird & The Eschaton"
free event

Hosting Loopers' Night #19 w/ cohost Jenuine Cello
Monthly live looping collaborative improv soirée
$6 // all ages // 10pm - 12am

Painting "Bubblemech Burleschatology" on display
at the group visionary art show

Hosting Paint Jam #5, 5 - 10 pm, $5, all ages
Monthly live painting and big band live electronic jam
featuring members of the Austin Loop Collective
Bring your own art supplies and make things with us!

Cyberacoustic Guitar Live Set
Speaking on AI & "How To Live in The Future"

Solo acoustic singer-songwriter performance
1 - 3pm – free show

Hosting Paint Jam #5, 5 - 10 pm, $5, all ages
Monthly live painting and big band live electronic jam
featuring members of the Austin Loop Collective
Bring your own art supplies and make things with us!

Live Painting & Cyberacoustic Guitar for Yoga

23 September – Albuquerque, NM – Three-Sided Whole
Songwriters of the High Desert Festival
performing acoustic guitar "Cosmic Americana"
Full lineup and details TBA

Hosting Loopers' Night #21 w/ cohost Jenuine Cello
Special Guests TBA
$6 // all ages // 10pm - 12am

8 October – San Marcos, TX – Hayes County Courthouse  – Art Squared Market
Solo acoustic singer-songwriter performance
2:30 - 4:00 pm, free all ages show

Psychedelic Art & The Human Imagination: A Public Q&A
to be livestreamed on Michael's FB Page

Speaking on "Tech Ethics as Psychedelic Parenting"

31 October – Denver, CO – Private Event
Wedding ceremony officiation & house concert

Acoustic-electronic set w/ Johannes Rath & RootFlute
w/ live painting by Joshua Morriston & Martin Cash

Singer-songwriter set & psychedelic bardistry

Playing and displaying art, house concert & mini-festival

Full Moon Workshop: "Technologists of Attention"
Followed by a cyberacoustic guitar performance in the Mushroom Café

Playing music at Understanding Ayahuasca: an all-day event with Alex & Allyson Grey, Luis Eduardo Luna, Ralph Metzner, Daniel Pinchbeck, Allan Badiner, Steven White, Esthela Calderón, and Skytree.

Hosting Loopers' Night #23 w/ cohost Jenuine Cello
Plus special guests Megan Berson & Anna Ford Larson
$6 // all ages // 10pm - 12am

ARTJam with Michael Garfield (webcast live painting and Q&A)


Unplugged singer-songwriter set
Supporting Ashleigh Stone

$3 Shows Benefiting Groundwork Music
Live painting for Motherfolk, Les Zombies, and many more

Loopers' Night w/ Jenuine Cello & Special Guests
Live looping + acoustic instrument collaborative experiments!
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $5

Live Painting for Papadosio, Emancipator, Michal Menert, Thriftworks, and many more...

Live Painting for Erosophia – An Immersive Art Temple
By Lightlab, featuring music by Celestiowl, Bagoogal, Groundscore

Texas Wild Rice Festival fundraiser
Live painting for Jenuine Cello, ARTheism, and more!

Austin Instrumental Mini Fest
Cyberguitar & Live Painting

Create Culture's One-Year Anniversary Party
Live painting for Devin Kroes, DRRTYWULVZ, Cactus Bath, & more!

Loopers' Night w/ Jenuine Cello & Special Guests
Live looping + acoustic instrument collaborative experiments!
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $5

Live webcast interview on empowered living!

Interviewing Erik Davis on his soon-to-be reissued book, TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, & Mysticism in the Age of Information – Hangout on Air live webcast, details TBA

Playing music & live painting for the National Rock Stacking Championship

Live painting during the international street art event

Live painting for Solstice Live's Future Disco

Live painting for Solstice Live's Anniversary Party

Loopers' Night w/ Jenuine Cello & Special Guests
Live looping + acoustic instrument collaborative experiments!
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $5

Live painting & cyberacoustic guitar
for this wonderful sustainable flow arts festival now in its 4th year...

Gallery Showing for "Out Like A Lion" (in absentia)

Live music & painting for Texas Wild Rice Festival
An amazing river awareness/conservation event!

7 May – Austin, TX – Strange Brew
Looper's Night w/ Jenuine Cello & Special Guests
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $6

8 - 10 May – Carson Creek Ranch – Austin, TX – Levitation Fest
Cyberguitar Set w/ String Section & Drums on Campground Stage
Saturday – 11 AM

Pay Anything online live-streamed concert
Demoing new songs, taking requests, improvising on guitar and electronics

Solo Cyberguitar Set, 6 - 8 pm

Live painting & workshop: Visionary Sobriety

Live painting for FKJ

MG & The Loopers' Night Ensemble for $3 Shows
a benefit for Austin Music Foundation

4 June – Austin, TX – Strange Brew
Looper's Night w/ Jenuine Cello & Special Guests
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $6

Music, art, & speaking for the Caretaker's Ball

Music, art, and speaking for what's shaping up to be this festival's best year

Music, art, and speaking for the 10th Year Family Reunion!

Electroacoustic guitar for Collette Hill's candlelight vinyasa class

2 July – Austin, TX – Strange Brew
Looper's Night w/ Jenuine Cello & Special Guests
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $6

live art for Cream Cheese Accident

live art for Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, and many more

Austin Loop Collective Presents: Loopers' Night #7
A laboratory for wondrous instrumental electronic musical collaborations
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $6
Live painting for Create Culture (local art/electronica monthly)

Austin Loop Collective Presents: Loopers' Night #8
A laboratory for wondrous instrumental electronic musical collaborations
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $6

Cyberacoustic guitar performance
for a MAPS Fundraiser (Details at the link)

Cyberacoustic guitar improv for active meditation "Bittersweet Yoga"

Opening for Spiritual Rez

2015 Rocky Mountain LoopFest – Nationwide Live Looping Showcase

25 September – Colorado Springs, CO – Royal Castle & Lounge
2015 Rocky Mountain LoopFest – Nationwide Live Looping Showcase

Austin Loop Collective Presents: Loopers' Night #9
A laboratory for wondrous instrumental electronic musical collaborations
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $6

music, art, and speaking - details TBA

Live cyberguitar set for End of the World Party!

Live painting for Create Culture
Featuring Hullabaloo, Detox Unit, GaddyMusici, Fractala

Loopers' Night #10 w/ cohost Jenuine Cello
Special guests Noah Peterson (sax) & Alan Ward (clarinet)
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $6

Calavera Corazón, Dias de los Muertos 2015
Live Art, Music, & Gallery Display

Serenading Nicole Taylor's 30th Birthday Party
Free show – everyone's invited!

Cyberguitar set for Ünderworld The Movie Fundraiser
Live painting to Lisa Marie Sharp & Liquid Flow

2015 San Antonio LoopFest – Nationwide Live Looping Showcase

2015 Austin LoopFest – Nationwide Live Looping Showcase

Gallery showing with fellow South Austin painter Vonn Briggs

Live painting for Create Culture
feat. InertG, TWIPS, Sanjiwan

Loopers' Night #11 w/ cohost Jenuine Cello
Special guests Jeff Kaiser (trumpet) & Lost Sun (guitar)
All Ages :: 10pm - 2am :: $6

Live painting for Blockhead, Botany, Bonus Junk, Lefty

Singer-songwriter set, 12 - 1pm, all ages, Free

Live painting for Art Haus #3 w/ TIWTOM and others

Live painting for $3 Shows (Benefiting Refugee Services of Texas)

Singer-songwriter & cyberguitar mixed performance
all ages - 8pm - $15 suggested donation (no one will be turned away)


Digital Release of "I Miss You And It's Okay: Live At Burning Man 2013" (pay-what-you-like album of live electronic guitar)

Free All Ages Show w/ Special Guest Luke Redfield (new songs & looping improvisations)

6 pm PST / 9 pm EST - Live Webcast Interview with Adam Curry, project director for the new Consciousness App

Live Webcast Panel on "Complexity, Culture, & Consciousness" w/ Neil Theise, Rich Doyle, Bill Ottman, & Mitch Mignano

Cyberacoustic Guitar set w/ England in 1819 & Violinda
Live Visuals by Topher Sipes

Cyberacoustic Guitar intermission w/ live visuals by Topher Sipes

Third Coast Visions Art Collective Show

Live Painting for Desert Dwellers, Futexture, Cactus Bath

Cyberacoustic Guitar for a Valentine's Day/Birthday Party

Love Songs For Percussive Guitar, 7 - 9 pm, Free All Ages Show

Cyberacoustic Guitar set w/ ARTheism, Hair Farmers, Grace Park, & Violinda (Texas Wild Rice Festival Fundraiser Show)

Live art for New Car Caviar, Henry + The Invisibles, & Loose Leaf
w/ Third Coast Visions Art Collective

Psyambient Cyberacoustic Guitar & Live Painting
for Third Coast Visions Collective Presents: Create Culture
a new monthly event...

Cyberacoustic Guitar & More, Details TBA

Third Coast Visions Family SXSW Kickoff!
Cyberacoustic Guitar, Gallery Hanging, Live Art
w/ Cactus Bath, Sauce, Sheer Khan, & The Stacks

Texas Wild Rice Festival Fundraiser
w/ Tracy Weinberg, Subha Pindiproli, ARTheism

Third Coast Visions Art Collective Group Show
w/ Pharo & Looper's Night Collaboration Jam

Songwriters in the round w/ Dan Patrevito & Laura Jorgenson

Looping Wizardry Showcase w/ Zach Deputy
and Henry + The Invisibles

Cyberacoustic Guitar & Live Painting at Flowstorm 2014

Live painting for The Malah + Janover & Resunator

Speaking & Cyberacoustic Guitar at Texas Wild Rice Festival

Live Painting at Appreciate Art Austin
w/ Andreilien, The Human Experience, & More

Live Art for JPOD, CactusBath, & Blunt Force

Live Art for Random Rab & The Nadis Warriors

Live Music & Live Art w/ Subaqueous, DRRTY WULVZ, & Ram-Z

Live Art for Quanta & Akasha
Archaic Revival Pre-Party

Music, Art, & Speaking w/ Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, The Human Experience, Subaqueous, & more

Music, Art, & Speaking w/ Random Rab, Kaminanda, Love and Light, iTom Lab, Luminaries, & more

Music, Art, & Speaking w/ Tipper, Shpongle, The Polish Ambassador, EOTO, Opiuo, Zilla, Ott, & more

Featured Artist w/ Chaeli Cardenas at Create Culture
A Third Coast Visions Monthly Live Art Event

Live Painting & Gallery Showing for LocalMotive
18 (7 - 12a), 19-20 (12 - 5p)

Supporting Taylor McFerrin & Bonus Junk

Music, Art, & Speaking w/ Papadosio, The Polish Ambassador, Opiuo, William Close, Rising Appalachia, Random Rab, Desert Dwellers, & more
Music, Art, & Speaking w/ Desert Dwellers, Living Light, & more

Music, Art, & Speaking w/ Galactic, Keller Williams, & more

Live art for KiloWatts, Skytree, & DRRTYWULVZ

Live painting w/ DJ Irie Samurai
Free Rent Zine #5 Release Party

Live Art for Martian Culture
A Third Coast Visions Event

Live art for Bumble, Funky Jesus, Luxor, Twips, Fractala

Live art for $3 Shows
for Jabu Mbara, Meganoke, Satalights, Myth Magic, Matthew Squires & The Learning Disorders, Deadbeat Poetry

Live art for Michal Menert, Elliot Lipp, SuperVision, Paul Basic
Returning for my 5th year with Texas' best music festival!
Music, Art, & Speaking alongside Random Rab, Sorne, The Polish Ambassador, Quixotic, Karl Denson, Zach Deputy, and more.

Third Coast Visions presents Create Culture
a live painting monthly

Experimental Guitar @ International Live Looping Showcase

Live art for Govinda, Living Light, & more acts TBA

Live painting for DJ Q Bert with Jeremy Ellis

Live painting for Azizi Gibson & Kamandi

Cyberacoustic guitar with Ashleigh Stone & For Elise

Live painting for $3 Shows in support of Ten Thousand Villages


Live Painting for Ecstatic Saturdays
w/ Bliss Goddess, Michael Kenny & Drum Heart, & Katie Toohil

Cyberacoustic Guitar showcase set, details TBA

8 - 9pm: solo acoustic guitar, "house concert" format
free show

Live Painting for OTT and The All-Seeing I & KiloWatts

HeARTS Aware: The Unified HeART Experience
Cyberacoustic Guitar & Live Painting w/
Jamie Janover, Rena Jones, Govinda, Dimitri's Ascent, & more

Live Painting every day
Cyberacoustic Guitar for Yoga w/ Kelly Searcy
11 AM & 4:20 PM Saturday & Sunday

8 pm: Cyberacoustic Guitar w/ Roger Sellers, ARTheism, & Tom Thumb

Live painting for Tipper, Vibesquad, & Quixotic

9 - 11 pm: LOOPER'S NIGHT ft. Michael & Special Guests
Free all ages show!

Live Painting for Kyle Hollingsworth, The Nadis Warriors, Eliot Lipp, & more
Friday 9:45 pm: cyberacoustic guitar
Sunday 6:45 pm: cyberacoustic guitar

8 pm - 8:45 pm: live music for a demonstration of SoundSelf
accompaniment to show off the new a/v biofeedback game
free event - all ages

Fringe Event, 231 E Houston
8:30 pm - improvisation w/ San Antonio Dance Fringe
9:00 pm - cyberacoustic urban chapel set

Live Painting Mega-Week!
Monday - The Parish Underground: Nadis Warriors, Rena Jones, IndigoSun
Tuesday - Big Bang Bar: Profresher, Nico Luminous, Lafa Taylor, Future Simple
Saturday - Whomp: Profresher, DVS*, Rena Jones
Sunday - High Times Doobie Awards: Interstellar Transmissions, Diemonds, G-Eazy, The Effinays, The Memorials, Gypsyhawk

8 - 11pm: Michael Garfield, The Wave Farmers, Roger Sellers
Live Visuals & Dance by ARTheism
Live Painting by Chance Roberts, Chops Wanderweird, Tourmaline Todd, Fernando Palomo, Chaeli Cardenas, & Chad Ocho Valentino
FREE ALL AGES SHOW (unofficial SXSW showcase)

9 - 11 pm: LOOPER'S NIGHT ft. Michael & Special Guests
Free all ages show!

2pm - 12am: IN-FEST
cyberacoustic guitar w/ WinoVino, Sheer Khan & The Space Case, David Daniel Dennis, The Human Fractals, & more
w/ plenty of live artists, vendors, & drink specials
free show, pets welcome

9 - 11 pm: LOOPER'S NIGHT ft. Michael & Special Guests
Free all ages show!

Cyberacoustic guitar w/ Katsuk
Details TBA

Cyberacoustic guitar for Ecstatic Saturdays
w/ Bliss Goddess & JourneyDance

Live painting w/ Sun Salutation
alongside Chris Morphis, Chance Roberts, & Fractala
plus Cyberacoustic guitar setbreak
free show

9 - 11 pm: Looper's Night open-stage experiment in acoustic-electronic live composition - bring instruments!
free show - all ages

10:30 pm: Cyberacoustic guitar & live art
w/ Papadosio & A Live One

8 pm: opening & live painting for Papadosio

8 - 11:30pm: cyber-songbird set with
Cello Joe & Eitch and live art by Randal Roberts

Private Event

Music, Live Art, & Workshops
w/ Random Rab, Nadis Warriors, Kaminanda, & more

8 pm: Day Owl Cyberacoustic Guitar (11:00 - 11:45)
w/ Tyler Gonzales (10pm), Roger Sellers (9pm),
& Alex of the Saints (8pm)
free show

9 - 11 pm: Looper's Night open-stage experiment in acoustic-electronic live composition - bring instruments!
free show - all ages

Integral Singer-Songwriters Showcase
w/ Stuart Davis & Luke Redfield

6 - 9 pm: instrumental improvisation
free & open to the public

10pm: cyberballadry w/ Derek Bentivegna

Live Art Director (5th year running!)
& Cyberacoustic Love Puddle Set, Sunday 7 pm
Officiating the wedding of Michele Schenk & Andy Beyer
Moderating the annual panel discussion

cyberacoustic guitar, music for yoga, & workshop
more details TBA

Assistant Live Art Director

Music w/ Luminaries & MissConception

1 - 3 pm: Cyberballadry at Waterloo Records

Live Music w/ Quiet Entertainer for painting by the Vibrant Design Art Collective: Chance Losher, Parker Bolles, Harrison Hilley, Trinh Nguyen, Claire Spiderlashes

first-ever cyberguitar performance with Google Glass
live painting, two talks, moderating visionary art panel

w/ Futexture & Skytree

Music & Talk

Music w/ The Fresh French, Kynara, Feverkin
A Unitus Festival Pre-Party

musician, artist, speaker
details TBA

musician, artist, speaker
details TBA

4th year returning musician, artist, speaker
more details TBA

cyberacoustic balladry & philosophical performance

• Tuesday ("Monday Night"): Center Camp Café
> 12:45 - 1:30 am: Cyberacoustic Guitar Improv
• Wednesday: Center Camp Café
> 4:00 - 5:00 pm: "These are the Good Old Days: Reverse Nostalgia from a Citizen of the Future" (talk)
> 5:30 - 6:00 pm: Cyberacoustic Guitar for the Aerial Dance Showcase
> 2:30 - 3:45 pm: Taking A Cosmic Perspective (talk)
> 7:30 - 8:15 pm: Musical Break - Cyberacoustic Guitar
> 2:00 - 3:00 pm: "The Age of Aquarius & The End of the Cargo Cult" (talk)
• Saturday: Sacred Spaces Village
> 5:00 - 6:00 pm: Cyberacoustic Guitar in the Grand Hall

Be:Tribe Gathering w/ Rennie Davis, The Nadis Warriors, Kaminanda, Bliss Goddess, Dumo, and more...

Support my video & essay series exploring the creative, political, and health implications of Google Glass in light of evolutionary biology & psychedelic transhumanist philosophy...

Music, art, and speaking for my 4th consecutive year at the highest artist-to-ticketholder ratio festival I know outside of Burning Man...

Live art for Fermata Festival (Seven Circles, Transcontinental Trip, & more)

Live art for The Motet, Holding Space, & AJ Vincent

Live art for Consider The Source & Immortal Guardian

Live art for PantyRaid & DVS* at Emo's East

Cyberacoustic Guitar with Box of Baby Birds


• 8 - 10pm: cyberballadry & guitar tapping
BIRTHDAY CONCERT! Michael turns 28 and rocks out
with special guests Kristin Astourian & Heidi Nadine

• 10pm - 2am: live painting for Heyoka, SugarPill, & StarLynx
(an ArtSeen Alliance event)

• 9 - 9:45pm: instrumental cyberacoustic guitar
• 10pm - 2am: live painting for El John (Thievery Corporation), Matthew Ian Blagg, Applied Pressure, & more
(w/ Karina Thome, Chance Roberts, & Molly Gardner)

• 10pm - 2am: live painting for B. Lewis, Insightful, Maintain, & Applied Pressure

• 9 - 10pm: cyberballadry & guitar tapping
supporting Sam Hammerman (10pm) & Shawn Madden (8pm)

• 8 - 9:30pm: instrumental electronic jam/showcase

• 9:30pm - 1am: live art for Seven Circles, El Commode, Borrisokane, & The Hired Guns

• 9pm - 2am: live art for An-Ten-Nae, Gladkill, Psymbionic
w/ Omar Chow & Molly Gardner

•10pm - 1am: live art for Whompadelic Wednesdays
w/ SoundShaman, Polymyth, & DRRTYWULVZ

• 9pm - 2am: live art for Gaslamp Killer, Bird Peterson,
& the whole Applied Pressure crew

• 2 - 4pm: acoustic songbird & guitar tapping sets

• 10 pm: instrumental electronica as FLOATING ISLANDS
with fellow live painter Chance Roberts on drums
plus Bonus Junk, Polymyth, & Kenneth Broussard

• 9 - 10pm: cyberballadry & percussive guitar
opening for SEARCHER & Wave Hands Like Clouds

• Early: moderating a panel discussion with Mitch Schultz, Graham Hancock, Dennis McKenna, & Erik Davis
• Late: percussive looping cyberballadry alongside Nadis Warriors, Sorne, Something Fiction, Birds of Paradise, Skytree, & The Wave Farmers

• 9pm - 12am: live painting for Eliot Lipp, Robot Koch,
B. Bravo with Starship Connection, & Farris vs. Lo Phi

• 12:00pm - 6:30pm: balladry & cyberguitar w/ Luke Redfield, Dana Falconberry, The Devil & The Whale, and more...
(my set is between 4:00 - 4:30pm)

• 10pm: Chapman Stick bass with Luke Redfield for "Minnesota Remembers Vic Chestnutt," with Ben Weaver, Cory Chisel, Tommy Stinson, The Honeydogs, The Melismatics, and more...

• 12 - 6pm: cyberacoustic setbreaks and live painting for Blackbox Presents SXSCongress, with Mystery Skulls, Stardeath & White Dwarfs, Epic Ruins, ISHI, The Hannah Barbarians, and Josh Weathers + The True Endeavors

• 5 - 8pm: balladry & cyberguitar w/ Wise Child & Luke Redfield

• 11am - 2pm: songwriter showcase with MPLS legends Rogue Valley & Luke Redfield

• 10:10 - 11:15pm: cyberacoustic grooves & touchstyle guitar balladry, w/ guest dancer Jenna Jasso
• 9pm - 2am: live painting for ToasT & The Weston Wimberly Experience

• 7 - 10pm: instrumental guitar & Chapman Stick cyberballadry

• 2pm - 3pm: percussive guitar & cyberballadry
• 12pm - 5pm: live painting for The Ford Brothers & Wise Child

• 9pm: Percussive looping cyberballadry with Michelle Musgrove and Aaron Glass & Friends
(471 Broadway between Kearney & Montgomery)
$5 at the door, all ages, doors at 8:30pm

• 9pm - 1am: live painting for The Portal, Govinda, & Kimba Arem

• 9pm - 1am: cyberballadry & live art for The Portal & Govinda

• Early: cyberacoustic guitar - journey in sound
• Late: live art for The Wave Farmers, Welder, Hobotech, & more...

• 10 - 11pm: percussive cyberballadry, free show
• 11pm - 1am: hang out and chat during Buggaboo

• 10pm - 2am: live painting with Tourmaline Todd, Molly Gardner, and Omar Chow for MiHKAL, Knowa Knowone, & Sound Shaman

• 10pm - 11pm: cyberguitar & acoustic-electronic balladry
• 11pm - 2am: live painting for ONE4ALL, kLL sMTH, Matthew Ian Blagg, & Sound Shaman

• 3:30 - 5:30pm: acoustic songwriter & cyberballadry sets

music, live art, and speaking at an immersive multimedia event
w/ The Portal, Octopus Nebula, Buddha Bomb, Miraja, Kimba Arem, Ariana Saraha, Steve McIntosh, & more...

THE MANIFESTATION CELEBRATION w/ Alex & Allyson Grey, Flying Lotus, Thievery Corporation, EOTO, & more...
• 6:30 - 7:30pm: Body Stage - cyberacoustic guitar
• 9:15 - 10:15pm: Viewspace - talk, "Surfing The Singularity"
• 10:30pm - close: Main Hall - live painting

• 7 - 10pm: three instrumental cyberacoustic guitar sets
free show, great food and drinks, gorgeous outdoor dining

• 8:30pm - 2am: live painting for LanguageLove, SunSquabi, SoundShaman, & Matthew Ian Blagg
• 9:15 - 10pm: cyberacoustic guitar looping electronica

• 7 - 10pm: three instrumental cyberacoustic guitar sets
free show, great food and drinks, gorgeous outdoor dining

Fourth-year as resident live artist & live art coordinator

• 8:00pm - 5:00am: cyberacoustic guitar (set times TBD) with Brody Buster Band, Sri Yantra and live painting with Mike Hooper, Chance Roberts, Jason Turner, and more!

cyberacoustic guitar, live art, and speaking at one of this summer's premiere boutique festivals

live painting and cyberballadry along with Papadosio, Emancipator, Govinda, and many more

live art direction and gallery curation (fourth year)
cyberballadry on a bill with Tipper, Emancipator, Adam Shaikh, Zilla, and many more
panel moderation:  "Surfing The Shift" with Adam Apollo, Alaya Love, Adam Sommer, Gregor Arturo, Jonathan Zap, & Jamie Janover

• 7:30 pm: guitar looping & folk mysticism showcase
w/ Tyler T., Luke Redfield, & Brave Julius
$5 suggested minimum donation

• 8 pm: guitar looping & folk mysticism showcase
w/ Anthony Ruptak, Luke Redfield, & Brave Julius

• 9 pm: guitar looping & folk mysticism showcase
w/ Shane Dooley, Luke Redfield, & Brave Julius
$5 advance / $7 at door - tickets at link above

• 8 pm: cyberacoustic guitar w/ special guests
Adam Sommer, Luke Redfield, & Brave Julius
& live art by Chaeli Cardenas

• 10pm - 1am: cyberacoustic grooves & percussive guitar balladry
w/ special guests Luke Redfield & Brave Julius
& live art by Chaeli Cardenas
(free show!)

live painting, cyberacoustic guitar, & speaking

• 8pm: cyberacoustic guitar w/ The Southern Cats
& live art by Chaeli Cardenas

• 10pm: cyberacoustic guitar w/ The Nadis Warriors & Paul Basic (PLM)
plus live painting

• 3:30 - 5:30pm: cyberacoustic grooves & percussive guitar balladry
(show closed to public)

• 9 pm: talk, "Surfing The Singularity"
• 10 pm: cyberacoustic guitar with guest hoopers

Live Painting all weekend

cyberacoustic guitar, live art, speaking, and hosting an open stage (FRI & SUN)

• 9 pm: cyberacoustic ceremonial flow party
w/ Michael Taggart & more TBA!

• 8 pm: cyberacoustic guitar & live art gallery

Live Painting for Kaminanda, The Human Experience, & Brede

• Early: Speaking on the evolution of consciousness
• Late: Sunrise Cyberguitar Set & Live Painting

Visit FB event page for info on how to RSVP

2pm PST: Return guest on Erik Davis' Expanding Minds
discussing the new album, Love Scenes & Field Recordings

Cyberacoustic Guitar w/ special guests
ARTheism, Shane Dooley, & Devon DeJohn
$8 - all ages - doors at 8 pm

7:30pm: Cyberballadry Set & Open Discussion
$10 suggested donation - all ages

Live improvised cyberacoustic music
during Gioconda Parker's vinyasa yoga class
more details TBA

Music: Nouveau (Main) Stage, 7 - 8 pm Friday
Plus, Live Art & Speaking

music, art, & dance co-improvisational journey
w/ Artheism, Dixon's Violin, & members of the TX State faculty

w/ Papadosio & Octopus Nebula

Cyberacoustic Guitar Setbreaks & Live Painting for Papadosio, Octopus Nebula, & Holding Space

9:30 - 10:30pm: cyberballadry w/ Luke Redfield (10:30 - 11:30)

11pm: Live Painting for The Floozies & MONTU
w/ Chance Roberts & Molly Gardner

live painting for "Cirque Lunaire" w/ Phutureprimitive, Bluetech, ExStus, and HappyHappy James

Ebullient! Brilliant! Trés Beau!
cyberacoustic guitar for an evening of avant- & psych-rock music

cyberacoustic pit orchestra for
AgentRed & Sky Candy Present Land Without Evil
(to be featured on PBS)

9 pm - The Recording Conservatory of Austin Showcase
Finalist competing to win 75 hours of studio time!
Grammy-nominated judging panel – come holler for me!

7 pm - cyberacoustic guitar house concert & potluck dinner
$10 suggested donation - all ages

Live art for TIPPER, Random Rab, Ill-Esha, Cualli, Seied, Human Agency

Live art for Amon Tobin, EPROM, Kastle, Future:Simple Project, Seied, Digital Connection

Live painting for EOTO & DVS*

Live painting for $3 Shows benefiting Ten Thousand Villages


January 01 Sinai, Costa Rica - Geoparadise Festival
live art & cyberacoustic guitar
including jams with DJ Entheogenic & DJ PlayLow

February 11, Boulder CO - 11:11 Wellness
live art gallery opening & cyberacoustic guitar

February 26, Denver CO - Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
supporting Papadosio, Heyoka, & D.V.S*

March 25, Crestone CO - Shumei International Institute
solo cyberacoustic concert

8 April, Denver CO - Quixote's True Blue
sitting in with Fareed Haque's new band, Space Math

new songs debuted at the last in a series
of montly RSVP-only house parties

cyber-acoustic guitar tweener set & live art
for That 1 Guy & Better Than Bacon

cyber-acoustic guitar & live art for That 1 Guy

5 pm - art show & panel discussion w/
Martina Hoffmann, Amanda Sage, KrystleEyez, & Mackenzie Page
cyber-acoustic guitar after discussion

6 pm - art show & panel discussion w/
Martina Hoffmann, Amanda Sage, J Garcia, & KrystleEyez
cyber-acoustic guitar after discussion

Sonic Bloom & Manifestation Celebration Festival
live art with Alex & Allyson Grey

reception - art show with music TBA

Manifestation Celebration Pre-Party
cyber-acoustic guitar & live art
alongside Archnemesis, D.V.S*, & Language Love

cyber-guitar, live art, & discussion alongside Alex & Allyson Grey,
Govinda, Eskmo, Jamie Janover, Phutureprimitive,
The Nadis Warriors, DVS*, & more!

Manifestation Decompression
live art for Evolutionista, Janover, Dimitri's Ascent, & Ugly Lion

1 - 3 PM, cyber-acoustic percussive guitar adventure

11 AM - NOON, cyber-acoustic percussive guitar adventure
for Boulder SpringFest (FREE city festival!)

Mayflower Springdance Festival
live electronic trio with Jeremy McDonough & Renee Uzzardi
and live painting to The Werks, UV Hippo, Ella Riot, & more

Bridging The Music Presents: Monday Madness FINALS
cyberguitar w/ live aerial fabric artists
free drink for every guest - support us in the last round!

music, storytelling, & live art
with Buddha Bomb, Banu Noor, Jim Oliver, & more

DAILY cyber-guitar sets at the Grassroots California Dome
5:45 - 6:15pm (Thu, Fri) & 5:30 - 6:00 pm (Sat, Sun)
AND third year returning resident live artist!
co-coordinating Wakarusa's first ever live art squad & gallery...

solo cyberballadary, live art, & lectures/workshops

All weekend: returning resident live artist & gallery director
alongside Zilla, EOTO, Nadis Warriors, Octopus Nebula, more
Sun, 1:00 - 2:30pm: facilitating "Surfing The Shift: 2012 & Beyond" with Adam Apollo, Alaya Love, & other special panelists

Sun, 4:15pm: live art onstage w/ Papadosio
more live painting sets TBA

9 pm - cyberacoustic guitar & live art w/ The Floozies (five-piece)

afternoon guitar tapping/songbird set
sunrise cyber-acoustic silent disco
plus live painting all weekend

• 8 pm: songbird & cyberacoustic sets at an intimate urban oasis

• 8 pm: outdoors w/ fire dancers Lani Gordon & Katelyn Toppel

• Tues, 1:00 - 1:50pm:
cyberacoustic interlude @ Camp Above The Limit (9:15 & A)
series with Cory Doctorow, Patrick Ball, and more...
• Wed, Thu, Fri night all-star dance parties:
live art at FractalNation Village (2:00 & G)
• Wed, 2:30 - 3:25pm:
singer-songwriter set @ Center Camp Café
• Thu, 1:00 - 1:50pm:
cyberacoustic interlude @ Camp Above The Limit (9:15 & A)
series with John Perry Barlow, Rick Doblin, and more...
• Thu, 5:00 - 6:00pm:
cyberacoustic guitar @ Burners Without Borders (3:30 & Esplanade)
• Sat, 4:30 - 5:00pm:
"Evolutionary Transitions in Individuality" @ Red Lightning
• Sat, 6:30 - 7:30pm:
"Artists on the Edge: Our Role in an Initiatory Age"
(panel w/ Daniel Pinchbeck & Mitch Mignano) @ Red Lightning
• Sun, 5:00 - 6:00pm:
cyberacoustic set @ Center Camp Café's aerial dance showcase

• 9pm - 12am: cyberacoustic songbird sets
"help me move" donations suggested but not required

• FRI, SAT, SUN: all-day live painting & gallery display
• SUN, 3:15 pm: cyberacoustic songbird set on the Folk Ship

live painting at SONIC BLOSSOM with
Ott, Random Rab, Kraddy, Janover & Karsh Kale,
Octopus Nebula, Project Aspect, Phadroid, Govinda, and more!

• 8 - 11pm: three full songbird & cyberacoustic guitar sets

• 9 - 9:40pm: cyberacoustic guitar for Electronic Tuesdays
FREE for 21+ before 10 pm

• 6:30 - 9pm: balladry & cyberacoustic guitar (two sets)
FREE - last scheduled show in Colorado!

• 1 - 2:40 pm: moderating a discussion panel,
"Daylighting The New Social DNA Through Music & Art,"
with Martina Hoffmann, Kai Lin Young, Justin Maynes, & CMKY

• 9 - 10:15pm: cyberguitar for yoga in a gorgeous natural cave
alongside Nadis Warriors, Desert Dwellers w/ Rara Avis, & more
• ALL WEEKEND: live painting

• SAT 8 - 9pm: cyberballadry & percussive guitar
plus live art w/ Mochipet, ill-Esha, Phadroid, & more

• 7 - 8pm: cyberballadry & percussive guitar

• 8:30 - 9:20pm: cyberguitar & percussive etudes, then live art
supporting Nadis Warriors & Spoonfed Tribe

• 8 - 9pm: cyberguitar improvisations
opening for Interstellar Transmissions, Funkatron, & Sun Ray Project


January - supporting Zach Deputy at Quixote's (Denver CO)

March - supporting Papadosio on their Colorado Tour (Steamboat Springs, Aspen, Ward)

March - supporting Gravity A & DS@STR at Luna Bar & Grill (Lake Charles LA)

April 15, 16, 17 - The Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies
Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century Conference (http://maps.org/conference) (San Jose CA)

April 29 - supporting Random Rab & Sidecar Tommy of Beats Antique
at The Dragon's Den (New Orleans LA)
Random Rab:  "The perfect opening act."

May 07 - 42nd Annual Whole Earth Festival (Davis CA)
alongside acts including Lynx & Janover, Tin Hat Trio, & Taarka

May - 3SidedWhole (Albuquerque NM)

July 03 - supporting Whitewater Ramble, Holden Young Trio,
& Cecil "P'Nut" Daniels (The Funky Meters) at Mishawaka Amphitheatre (Bellvue CO)

July 17 - Motion Notion Festival (Edmonton, Alberta), main stage
(same stage as Crystal Method, Bluetech, Akhentek, and Blue Lunar Monkey)

August 26 - Flagstaff Brewery (Flagstaff AZ)

August 28 - supporting Lunar Fire at 3SidedWhole (Albuquerque NM)

September, Black Rock City NV - Burning Man Festival
cyberacoustic guitar and live painting at
Entheon Village, Sacred Spaces, & Center Camp Café

October 01 - November 09 - Six week national Light & Shadow Tour, sponsored by Evolver.net and held in locally-organized venues of all kinds (Boulder CO, Salt Lake City UT, Boise ID, Portland OR, San Francisco CA, Los Angeles CA, New Orleans LA, Atlanta GA, Asheville NC, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, New York NY)

October 23, Austin TX - Art Outside Festival
live art & cyberacoustic guitar

December 16, Detroit MI - The Majestic Theater
live art & cyberacoustic guitar
supporting Ana Sia, Katdog, & Freddy Todd


January - Avery Brewing Company (Boulder CO)

February - supporting ProJect Aspect & Guerrilla Jazz at Quixote's (Denver CO)

April - supporting Delta Nove
at The Sail Inn (Tempe AZ) & The Orpheum Theater (Flagstaff AZ)

April - McDowell Mountain Music Festival (Phoenix AZ)

June - supporting Luke Redfield
at Club 505 & The Nomad Pub (Minneapolis MN)

June - supporting Zuvuya (Michael Travis, Jamie Janover, Xander Greene)
at Quixote's (Denver CO) Michael Travis:  "The perfect opening act."

August - Entheon Village at Burning Man (Black Rock City NV)

November - supporting The Floozies & Fresh2Death
at The B Side (Boulder CO)

November - supporting Jonah Smith & Andreas Kapsalis/Goran Ivanovic Duo
at The Walnut Room (Denver CO)

From 2001 to 2005, I played numerous café gigs in Lawrence, KS and Kansas City, MO, but didn't bother keeping a detailed record of my concert calendar until 2011.

2007 - 2008

February 28 - supporting Willy Porter at The Bottleneck (Lawrence KS)
Willy Porter:  "Monstrously talented...an act the likes of which I have not seen in a long time."

March 28 - supporting Tim Reynolds at The Bottleneck (Lawrence KS)

June 06 - Wakarusa Music Festival (Lawrence KS)

July - Dreamtime Festival (Paonia CO)

August 27 - The Standard Hotel (Miami FL)

October - supporting Stuart Davis at Dharmapalooza, Trilogy Lounge (Boulder CO)

September 2007 - January 2009 - innumerable gigs
at The Laughing Goat, Folsom Street Coffee, and Amante Coffee (Boulder CO)

October 2008 - supporting Andreas Kapsalis Trio
at Stage Stop Inn (Rollinsville CO) and Little Bear Saloon (Evergreen CO)


July – Love Without End Tour
(small venues in WA &; OR:  Spokane, Seattle, Port Townsend, Olympia, Portland)