Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: "Daylighting" Live EP Release & Excision/Papadosio Painting

24 June 2010

"Daylighting" Live EP Release & Excision/Papadosio Painting

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I'm delighted to present you my newest EP of cybernetic sound sculpture, recorded live at the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference (San Jose, CA) and the Fantastic Hullaballoo (New Orleans, LA) this April. Everything you hear on this EP is improvised solo acoustic guitar and eBow routed through hardware FX and live looping, edited only for time. No software manipulation, multitracking, or post-production gimmickry. One more step down the road on my journey to completely reimagine the acoustic guitar.

In civil engineering language, "daylighting" is the uncovering of natural waterways that were once forced underground by construction. I learned the term from ethnobotanist Kathleen Harrison, who stretched this definition to include the process of reacquainting ourselves with our own rejected dimensions – bringing the buried back into the light, where it can breathe and nourish us.

This album is dedicated to Jeremy Jensen of Critical Beats, without whom there would not have been a concert to record.

Thanks for listening!

Gateway To Blue Truth
2010 06 11 & 12 Cervantes & Quixotes
(Excision, Liquid Stranger, RumbleJunkie, Sub.mission Residents,
Papadosio, Juno What?, Fresh2Death)
18"x24" – paint marker on cradled gesso board

Night one: The craziest dubstep show I have ever attended. At the end of the night, a sea of jagged broken pilsner glasses around the humble riser keeping me above the fray. It's nights like these that a few good souls volunteer themselves to keep the less-aware/respectful from pitching headlong into my entire set-up (as almost happened a few times). But wild, messy shows like that one are equally full of bright, beautiful, loving expression, sincere interest, and honest-to-God P.L.U.R. It's why I keep coming back.

Night two: A delightful mini-festival held by my favorite contenders for "Next Über-Famous Electronic Jam Ensemble," my boys Papadosio. I got to play the evening's opening set (clips coming soon...er or later...), and we saw lovely showings from my friends Anthony Fugate, Fresh2Death, and The Floozies, as well as numerous other excellent acts. A way less intimidating, way more heartfelt evening, all told. Less polarized, anyway.

According to David Deida, "blue truth" is like the blue part of a flame – so subtle you might miss it, even though it's the hottest part. Blue truth is the kind you can't grasp unless you've really sat with it, until you can feel it so deeply that it lives and acts as you. It can't be "understood" intellectually. Or, as he puts it: "Knowing the truth is fairly useless; feeling it is profound; living it makes all the difference."

I dedicate this one to Jason Takahashi, globetrotting trickster, exemplary passionate intellect, and the poor fool who has to take credit for introducing me to the 'Dosio family – and to Jeremy Goldstein, consummate band manager, who knows how to look out for his artists.

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