Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: November 2019

02 November 2019

The deepest things I have to say, I SANG + New Science Podcast

Here's the shortest email I've sent out in years. It's because I've just published something I've poured an enormous amount of love into, and don't want to wait to share it, I want to make sure the message gets through loud and clear. 

Happy All Saints Day!

New Studio Recordings:

Two new songs that emerged from my time as a guinea pig for Google Glass and my time stranded in the gloriously overpopulated Hill Country of Central Texas while on probation—and that I've honed over years of live performance—now have their own lush and detailed studio recordings.

If you've never heard my music before, now is the best time to enter.  This is a true return to form completely different from anything I've been doing on the festival scene for years.

And if you think you know what you're in for, I'm delighted to pleasantly surprise you...

Please Help Me Launch:

Consider chipping some insignificant donation for the music at Bandcamp and leaving a review—Bandcamp uses your collection to make recommendations and drive more sales, help new people discover my music, and generally demonstrate your great taste to the world.

If you use Spotify, save this to your collection and playlists.
You can follow this album's ongoing production on Patreon, where I’ll keep sharing early mixes, Ableton Live sample kits and drum racks from the album, and more backstage goodies.


Michael Garfield: voice, acoustic & electric guitars, synthesizers, field recordings, drum programming, engineering, mixing, artwork

Mastered by Terrarium (Dixon Stovall & Elliot Rogers) — huge thanks to these guys!

Please contact me if you would like stems for remixing!

New Podcast Episodes & Writing

I'm going to interrupt the regularly scheduled broadcast here to tell you about another thing I've been just gushing time and effort and devotion into for the last six months: a NEW podcast, COMPLEXITY by the Santa Fe Institute (which is really more FOR the Santa Fe Institute at this point, having taken over a large part of the work of my day job running their social media, and I'm the host and producer one-man-team).

This is kind of "Future Fossils Goes Pro," a remarkably intimate series of conversations with the world's leading scientists in areas like origins of life research, scaling laws and cities, swarm robotics, humankind's role in food webs, cognitive bias and stereotyping in criminal justice, computational social science, and other fields that are changing the way we understand the world.

The show is on Week 5 and it's already charting on Apple Podcasts and has a worldwide listening audience.  I'm still producing biweekly episodes of Future Fossils but this show is taking more of my energy these days, in large part because I think these conversations need to happen, and need to be heard.  You can subscribe anywhere you go for podcasts.  Enjoy, and leave a review!

And new Future Fossils episodes, both in the main feed and special bonus features:

And last, for The Day of the Dead, here's a piece on The Spooky World of Quantum Biology I wrote once upon a time for HPlus Magazine, making stops at the work of Paul Davies, Greg Egan, and Johnjoe McFadden.