Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: December 2011

25 December 2011

Halcyon Days: A Winter Solstice Mix [FREE DL] & Dolphin Fedora

“The higher he ascends the less he understands, because the cloud is dark which lit up the night; whoever knows this remains always in unknowing transcending all knowledge.”

Welcome to the dark middle of the year, everyone – the trough into which our Sun dips before rising to summer zenith, a moment of brooding introspection ironically thrust into holiday parties and social responsibility.  Enjoy the tension and take a few deep breaths for yourselves...these are precious, beautiful days, days we will remember taking for granted.

For the last three years I've released free instrumental albums in celebration of the winter solstice.  Here is the latest – my last live album while I get ready to mount a studio release.

It's a "best of" collection from improvised cyberguitar instrumentals performed in listening symbiosis with venues across Colorado and Texas:  magnificent, cathedral-esque dripping underground caves and fire-crackling, snowboots-and-horse-art mountain lodges...backyard BYOBs and rain-drenched last-day-of-festival refugee parties...

This is the grooviest, spaciest, most compelling instrumental release I've assembled so far, animated by the self-sacrificing love of Halcyon and the characteristic veil-piercing dive of the bird that took her name.  Download it for free as a soundtrack to your new commitments for the new year, given strength by the recent New Moon in Capricorn:

"The kingfisher is a long-time symbol of peace and prosperity. It is often seen flying along ponds, streams, and rivers [and] will dive headlong into the water for small fish. If a kingfisher has come to you, prepare yourself to dive into something new. Have you been afraid to take the plunge? Are you needing new warmth? Don't worry. If a kingfisher is around, you won't drown. In fact, you will find that, as a result, you will have new sunshine and prosperity unfolding within your life." 
– Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

When I went looking for halcyon pictures to include in album cover art, I found Wildlife Kate's gorgeous kingfisher photography and decided to make two covers instead of one.  So every download includes both:

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Blessed Solstice...however you honor the sacredness of this time of year, may these days be clear sailing for you.  Thanks for listening!

Custom Star Dolphin Fedora

A custom hat for my friend, astrologer Adam Sommer (subscribe to his work here):

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"What does it mean to communicate with an 'alien' when we barely have the first idea of how to understand the intricacies of rain forest plant communications, nuclei-trading mycelial networks, and ultraviolet light-detecting superorganisms of bees, let alone the conscious or unconscious minds of a humpback, great blue or white whale – whose mathematical, philosophical, aesthetic and perceptual abilities may – for all we know – far outstrip those of our greatest geniuses?"