Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: September 2012

14 September 2012

New Painting From Rootwire, SCI & Dark Knight Hats, Videos Galore

“How is it possible
that a being with such sensitive jewels as the eyes,
such enchanted musical instruments as the ears,
and such a fabulous arabesque of nerves as the brain
can experience itself as anything less than a god?”
Alan Watts

"You can get better at dissolving the distance between you and nature."
Richard Doyle, information scientist

32" x 32" – Paint Markers on Stretched Canvas
(click to view closer)

Painted Live At:
• 2012 07 27 The Parish (The Nadis Warriors, Paul Basic, Metranohm)
• 2012 08 04 Frank (Sheer Khan and the Space Case, Henry and the Invisibles)
• 2012 08 16, 18 Rootwire Music & Arts Festival
(Papadosio Live PA, Futexture, Kaminanda, Mazeguider, Random Rab)

Back to the good old days with this gemmy abstraction, although working on such a rough canvas (and yellow!) was new to me.  Kind of reminds me of gecko skin.  Someone said it looked like a crown, very regal.  Maybe if you were emperor of some Radium Age sci-fi Martian tropical kingdom...!

Hand-Painted Custom Hats

Got some really fun commissions, recently – including hats that show off people's love for Batman and The String Cheese Incident (heroes about as different as can be imagined).  If you want a hand painted, water-proofed custom lid designed to your specifications, email me with your hat size, style, color and pattern preferences, and budget (usually starting around $100, including the hat and shipping).

Videos Galore

Get yourselves ready for a treat!  Boulder virtuoso chalk sign artist Bryce Widom recently used one of my guitar instrumentals in a time-lapse video of his gorgeous clock-themed piece, "Tempus Fugit."  Bryce is the guy who does the murals at the Mountain Sun & Southern Sun pubs in Boulder; he's kind of a legend, and it's not only an honor to be the soundtrack to his artwork, but it worked out really well:

"Tempus Fugit" by Bryce Widom

...and here are the last three videos from my April concert at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport – a set that emphasized my origins as an acoustic singer-songwriter, rather than my destiny as a psychedelic avant-guitar mad scientist.

It may or may not be crazy enough for everyone's liking, but if you're into the raw strength of the song, the clarity of the voice, and the simple truth of one man and a guitar, then check these out:

"Tin Heart" | Live at ABIA
A bluesy anthem on the perils of incarnation, closing with a jagged cyberacoustic groove.
Watch "Tin Heart" on Youtube

"Underground River" | Live at ABIA
A throbbing, impassioned ode to the powerful yin allure of a gentle woman.
Watch "Underground River" on Youtube

"Just Say When" | Live at ABIA
A sultry, slow-burning lounge ballad with a lively fingerstyle outro.
Watch "Just Say When" on Youtube

You can download the entire album for free here.

Upcoming Shows

This fall marks my third appearance at the amazing Art Outside Festival, one of Austin's finest by-the-artists, for-the-artists events.  Outside of Burning Man (which is about fifty times as big), I'd be hard-pressed to name another festival that is so overflowing with beautiful surprises...I traveled all the way from Colorado to attend my first two years, and wherever you are, I encourage you to make the trip – this is a truly world-class party.

Also, I'll be back in Colorado and Kansas in this next month for a few intimate concerts – click through to check my blog calendar for full details and event page links:

Announcing My New Album

Starting on September 22nd, tune into my facebook music page or my twitter page for one track from my new live album per day for 28 days!  These are the best of this summer's instrumental cyberacoustic guitar improvisations, culled from over 42 hours of recordings from events all over the United States.  I'm proud of these performances and can't wait to show you some of the most evocative, coherent, and profound guitar work I've ever accomplished.

Timed to ride the waves of next week's Autumnal Equinox/Full Moon (also the night of my sunrise set at Alloveus Festival in Austin!), I'll make each new track free for one day before moving on to the next – and taking preorders on the entire 125-minute, 28-track album the whole time.  Anything you contribute helps realize my next, LONG-delayed full studio LP, The Age of Reunion...an album already more than five years into pre-production and so pregnant it hurts!

So stay tuned for that, and as always thank you so much for your time and attention.  Have an inspired day!