Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: February 2019

26 February 2019

Waterloo Festival Team Mural | Listening To Plants | Psychonautics | New Coloring Pages & Timelapse | Future Fossils Book Club

Okay, it's been too long. So much is happening and it's all just getting faster all the time (unless you're software). My partner and I are about to have a kid. We moved to Santa Fe. I work for these insane(ly) brilliant people now. I'm almost out of paintings, and I can't make them fast enough with all the other things I'm doing at the moment...

That said, here's tons of stuff, as usual. I'm always here if you write back, and hope the upgrades' going smoothly for you – meaning easily, which probably means a river-bending, highly corrugated kind of way, like brains (they're better at computing when they're dense, so take it as a compliment).

I love you all and feel a thing about this taking so damn long to make it to you. Anyway!

The Waterloo Music Festival Collaboration Mural

A painting made in the craziest environment, at the most complete and awesome festival installation I have ever proposed, with a team of artists I can't believe I mustered into such intense collaboration.

A giant piece – nine-plus feet wide and four high – that spilled over into months of meetings and late sessions, seven of us focusing on areas and balanced coverage, and arguing a lot, and learning...all the while the looming focus of my living room, for months, and detailed in this photojournal.

This piece is in a private collection in Austin, now, but we finally can make some prints for everyone who cheered us on through this foolishly ambitious project.  Thank you!

Artist Instagram Accounts:

New Music: Listening to Plants at Starseed Gardens

Recorded in maybe the most magical place I have ever been, late on a sweaty summer night, surrounded by an acres-wide nursery of medicine plants growing from the black earth of a dead volcano, a short walk from a giant ancient fig tree and a slightly longer walk from the easternmost point of the continent and white sharks. 

Starseed Gardens was a standout moment in my tour Down Under and a precious, moving place. This is the music that emerged in ritual there, a song to the intelligence around us. 

Performed on acoustic guitar and hardware electronic effects. 

In memory of Dan Schreiber. 

I'm In This Movie (Speaking & Music)

If you don't already know, Shane Mauss is one of the smartest comedians on the beat right now; he hosts Here We Are, a science interview podcast that's really cool; and he's been candid (on Duncan Trussell's show, as well as on Future Fossils Episode 58) about how his psychonautic adventures helped push him over the brink into a delusional mania and temporary institutionalization (although, I think he needs to emphasize that he also quit alcoholism stone cold at that time, which may have had some tiny thing to do with it). 

This is his documentary of those adventures, and I'm in it cross-cut with the legendary James Fadiman, talking about Richard Doyle's writing on human-plant co-evolution and its role in the emergence of language...I also have a music credit, and a handful of great queues throughout, along with awesome animations by Ramin Nazer and the most paradoxically sober reflection you could expect from a documentary about psychedelic self-experimentation.

But for many other reasons that will make sense in retrospect, I highly encourage you to preorder it. One of those reasons is to help it up the charts. (I don't get a cut; I just want this conversation on the front page.)

This New Time-Lapse Video with John David Ebert (Future Fossils #65)

These New Future Fossils Coloring Book Pages

Five new coloring book pages for a total of 25 so far. I add new ones as often as I can!

These New Podcast Episodes & Special Features


In addition to the six latest episodes of Future Fossils Podcast, which span the gamut from the most confessional and bizarre episodes I've ever released to the most professional and discrete, here are two special offerings – one public and one for Patreon supporters only. 

We've started Future Fossils Book Club with an awesome conversation on the even-more-awesome Blindsight by Peter Watts, a truly important and unsettling work. And I also compiled dozens of my favorite excerpts from the show's 2018 run to make The Sediment of Sentiments, a kind of meta-fossil for everybody to enjoy:


These Two Silly Interviews:

Voyage Dallas • Voyage Houston

Origin stories, if you're bored. Weirdly got asked to do the same interview by the same magazine in two different cities where I don't live, but hey. It was an opportunity to play. :)

This Isn't New, But Still:

Patreon supporters get 10-20% off all my prints and merchandise at michaelgarfieldart.com: