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"It takes creativity to make the next step in a newer, more shocking direction, but it takes a visionary to go beyond the breaking point and meet music on the other end of the spectrum. That’s what Michael Garfield does."

"Michael has mastered a method of playing on a pedestal all its own. Ultimately [his work] is an exploration into what you perceive music, the guitar, and technology can do…then completely altering it." 

Michael Garfield is making music for which new words must be invented – vocally athletic percussive future-folk and improvised instrumental electronica, a marriage of charismatic stage presence and dazzling avant-garde technique that fuses polyphonic fretboard tapping with an epic pedalboard of filters, delays, and multi-channel loopers.  Singing and playing while twisting knobs and DJ'ing live samples with his toes, Michael's heart-winning and mind-expanding performances liberate the organic into the digital, and the idioms of Americana into a new species of transcendental trance.

Michael's music has been featured in the award-winning PBS documentary series Arts in Context, as well as on the podcasts Expanding Mind and The Psychedelic Salon.  Passionate about interdisciplinary collaboration, he frequently improvises with dancers, painters, projectionists, and other visual performers.  In 2015 he re-booted his old Flipnotics "Loopers' Night" residency at the award-winning Strange Brew Lounge, where he meets with a changing cast of daring experimental musicians each month to destroy the boundary between acoustic and electronic music.

His dozens of live releases published since 2007 keep record of gigs at over a hundred festivals and with a dizzying array of artists, including Papadosio, Taylor McFerrin, Whitewater Ramble, Spoonfed Tribe, The Floozies, Delta Nove, Random Rab, Rena Jones, Sidecar Tommy of Beats Antique, DVS*, Willy Porter, Tim Reynolds, Andreas Kapsalis Trio, Zach Deputy, & That 1 Guy  – and jammed onstage with with many more, including Fareed Haque, Entheogenic, Bird of Prey, The Human Experience, Erothyme, and Ayla Nereo.

At Gratifly Festival 2013, Michael made history as the first musician to stream point-of-view video from Google Glass through a projector on stage, letting the audience see through his eyes...

Full 22-minute performance with visualist Topher Sipes at Austin's Scottish Rite Theater:

Fretboard tapping, guitar percussion, live looping, Ebow, and pedal effects at the Austin Airport:

Fretboard tapping intro to some "Cosmic Americana" – a ballad about love's transformations:

Cyber-acoustic guitar improvisation from Rootwire 2013 scores this time-lapse live painting video:

More Artist & Press Endorsements:

"Monstrously talented...an act the likes of which I have not seen in a long time."

"The perfect opening act."
- Michael Travis of SCIEOTO, & Zuvuya

"So so so SO Good!! Yay and wow."
Kyrstyn Pixton

-Dixon's Violin

"Welcome to the future...Michael is a pioneer exploring the edge realms where the electric and old world meet."
- LostInSound

"A transcendent exploration of what one man can achieve with an acoustic guitar...the glitched-out grooves [are] simultaneously calm yet very much switched-on."

"An insanely moving spiritual experience in sound. His intricately developed soundscapes delve into the internal harmonies of what it means to be human: the percussion our pulse and the melody the flow of our spirit, like blood vessels serpentinely traversing through the labyrinthine veins of the body."

"Intoxicating, rejuvenating, and unapologetically spiritual work...entertaining songs that completely upend the stereotypes of intelligent music...instantly memorable and utterly magnetic tunes whose authenticity and sweetness is boundary breaking."
"[Michael] is leading the charge in bringing a more human and soulful aspect back to electronic music."
- Zympht

"Electic elegance. You got it, keep it up, the world is hungry for the real deal."
Erial Ali

"Michael Garfield paints the world with sound...some truly mind-bending improvs. Fans of art and performance will find a lot to love."

"Esoteric and intricate, I found myself struggling to describe his sound and style...some surprisingly pleasurable heartbreak."

"Watching your show the other day was a PROFOUND spiritual experience for me...a highlight of my musical experiences up till this point. Dude, you hit me on the deepest soul level."
DJ Dreamcode

"This music makes me high. [Michael's] guitar talks. It tells stories and laughs and enters into shamanic fits…but it also weaves together a blanket of the familiar." 

"If you are like us, then [in you] lies a yearning to discover something DIFFERENT and new, something that floors you, something that moves you, something that gets you excited to go home and download everything of theirs available online and to tell all of your friends about it...Michael Garfield could do that for us this summer."

"Here is my frank review, Michael: I think you love babies. And you want everyone making them so you go around giving people this music. You're like the Johnny Appleseed of a whole new crop of children."

"I've chosen [this] as the music I will conceive my first child to...in all seriousness."
- Jeremy Judkins of Deep Blip Records (on A Million Anniversaries)

"Unique and amazing....something sorely lacking in the world in which we live where cookie-cutter boys and girls are given stardom on a daily basis.  In this world, [Michael is] a supernova."
- Penny Moon of HireABandStLouis.com

"Astonishing...insane guitar talent."
- Smother.net

"Amazing to watch and even more amazing to listen to."

"Dope. Evolving cyberacoustic experimentation recorded in a geodesic dome..."
Infinite Third

"Great vibe, masterful looping. Hypnotic and wonderful sounds. Looking forward to hearing more."
Marco Oppedisano

"Your sound is totally sunkissed Cali psych mysticism. That sound is classic and cannot be faked."

"Michael Garfield has some absolutely amazing chops...the musicianship on this album is truly wonderful."

"The twisting braids of sound he can generate with such a simple rig is incredible, as is the simmering energy that comes through even the quietest moments, a feeling of suspense that something you don't want to miss is about to happen.  The inventiveness and the passion that drives all of the meticulous work that goes into such projects is evidence of a deep and interesting well of ideas...memorable and beautiful."
- Caeli La for LostInSound (on The Body Electric)

"The only reason this album might not be appreciated is if you don't have a musical ear."
Scene Magazine, Fort Collins CO (on A Million Anniversaries)

"Don't jump to conclusions based on 'acoustic guitar improv'...this sounds more like some of the sonic explorations that came out of the Robert Fripp/Brian Eno collaborations than some hippie 'jamming' on an acoustic in a park somewhere. [It's] full of odd timbres and textures, but the occasional splash of melody erupts and there's a strange, sci-fi psycho-Western feel to a lot of it – let's just say if they'd ever done a psychedelic drug sequence on Firefly, this would have worked perfectly as the accompaniment. It's occasionally beautiful, frequently evocative and never less than interesting."

"Michael Garfield's extraordinary acoustic work...finds the ears captivated and entranced in a dance of delightful sonic textures. A gifted instrumentalist, Garfield's vocal prowess should not go unheard either, resonating in haunting fashion, full of chills and thrills. This is wonderful, simple music for the listener's ears to feed on."
Performer Magazine (on Double-Edged Sword)

"'Golden Hour' slides into my veins and spreads its claws deep, holding me with unrelenting insistence and a funk groove plowed clean, deep and dangerously direct."

"A Million Anniversaries has put me in a more spiritual place than I have been in quite some time...I highly suggest grabbing this album. It will make your day."
"Amazing. I have not seen that before...you obviously put some hours in. I was hypnotized."
"While I MEAN to give helpful, rational feedback, all I want to do is run around and throw copies of your CD at people, photograph their faces upon listening, and give THAT to you instead. The music makes me FEEL too strongly to be able to THINK about it enough to speak on it in a way that would be useful to you."
Ruth Carter (on Get Used To Being Everything)

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