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Poet-philosopher and "Paleontologist-Futurist" Michael Garfield's work helps "Rewild the Singularity" – restoring soul to futurism, and midwifing new myths that can cultivate the curiosity and play we'll need to thrive in our accelerating age.

Host and producer of Future Fossils Podcast, Michael is devoted to the integration of art, science, and philosophy – a transdisciplinary approach suited to our age of planetary crisis and renaissance. By day he works as Communications Strategist for the Santa Fe Institute, the world's pre-eminent complex systems science research organization. By night he writes the speculative non-fiction essay series How to Live in the Futureabout human-technology co-evolution and the future of the biosphere. He is also the author of An Oral History of the End of "Reality", a cult hit visionary novellete about the radical implications of #deepfake AI to psychology and society.

Michael rides the line between critic and advocate – in the words of Speed Levitch, refusing to be enslaved by a single perspective.  His work has appeared on Hybrid Reality's blog at BigThink.com, in D.C. futurist think-tank The Arlington Institute's internationally syndicated FUTUREdition newsletter, and on stage for myriad prime-time talks at tastemaking venues like Burning Man, Moogfest, Boom Festival, the Global Eclipse Gathering, and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.  Former editor-in-chief for visionary media companies Globalish and SolPurpose and frequent guest on podcasts such as Third Eye DropsPsychedelic Salon, and Expanding Mind, Michael walks a tightrope between the New Age and the Academe – reminding us that everything is equally art, science, and spiritual practice.

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"Amazingly well-spoken."
Charles Eisenstein

"Mind-blowing. Michael Garfield's perspective is powerfully psychoactive."
– Brett Thomas of Stagen Leadership

"Easily the most mind-opening presentation Moogfest 2016 had to offer – a multidisciplinary monologue that rivaled Brian Eno's Moogfest 2011 keynote for all the unexpected twists and turns it took. This one-man show saw artist-musician Michael Garfield take a captive audience on a vision-quest through the lands where metaphysics and emerging technology meet. Heavy and heady stuff, and a pleasant counterpoint to the doom and gloom of the average transhumanist cybergrumps whose future-thinking seems improbably grounded in the limited perceptions of the present."
Consequence of Sound

"Show me someone who believes they have an original idea, and I will invite them to meet Michael Garfield."
"Sometimes I think other people have a better grasp on what I do than I do, or at least they are more eloquent at expressing it. Thank you Michael Garfield..."

"Like the best writers on science, your work displays a wonderful skill in moving between the panoramic overview and the carefully focused detail. In this synthesis of opposing tendencies, I can only hope that you are a harbinger of what 21st Century science may become."
– Brian George

My talk at the Global Eclipse Gathering 2017 (Big Summit Prairie, OR):

Join paleontologist-futurist Michael Garfield on a whirlwind tour of life's history and future, from brothy seaside puddles on a meteor-bombarded early Earth to the transcendent planet-level mind awaiting us beyond the technological singularity...all the while challenging how we create "time" and "history" in the virtual reality of human consciousness, and pointing into the eternal depths of every now.

Drawing from his lifelong study of evolutionary ecology, developmental psychology, advaita vedanta nondual philosophy, and psychedelic transhumanism, Michael's "amazingly well-spoken" (Charles Eisenstein) public talks have earned him the reputation of "Terence McKenna 2.0" (Collin Elder). Judge for yourself by joining us in one of the most intellectually ambitious, playful, weird, creative conversations you will have all year...

My talk at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Innovation Lab, Feb 2017 (Sydney, NSW) (slides):

Thanks to the psychedelic ("mind manifesting") power of our Promethean technologies, our dreams and fears have never been so fast to manifest as they are now.  It is time for us to take a long, hard look at what might be, if ANYTHING is possible.

What did the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s teach us about how to handle the immense and terrifying pace of change these days?  Tim Leary said PCs would be the next LSD – and, in fact, it was their visionary journeys that they thank for inspiration, almost all the masterminds of the computing revolution.  So maybe there is something to the notion that the insights from psychedelic psychotherapy and of indigenous plant medicine traditions are just what the doctor ordered to help navigate this age's waves of great accelerating transformations.

Join paleontologist-futurist Michael Garfield on a whirlwind tour through an age "indistinguishable from magic" – and a lighthearted but deadly serious examination of the responsibility of bringing new life forms and minds into this world as parents in our psychedelic century.

My talk at Boom Festival 2016 (Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal):

What did the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s teach us about how to handle the immense and terrifying pace of change these days?  Tim Leary said PCs would be the next LSD – and, in fact, it was their visionary journeys that they thank for inspiration, almost all the masterminds of the computing revolution.  So maybe there is something to the notion that the insights from psychedelic psychotherapy and of indigenous plant medicine traditions are just what the doctor ordered to help navigate this age's waves of great accelerating transformations.  Get the meta-perspective of a paleontologist-futurist and armchair knowledge artist on how both the internet and psychedelics might be modeled well as training for the next stage of our evolution...

My talk at Moogfest 2016 (Durham, NC):

The modern world was characterized by its division between nature and technology, the mind and body, man and woman, self and other.  All of that is set to change as networked digital devices, networked people and communities, and networked cultures and ideas deliver us into a new era in which we conscious of how intimately we are interwoven with each other and the rest of the living world. How can we design machines, architecture, and social systems that honor the organic wisdom of the body, seas, and forest?  An inspired trans-disciplinary rap/discussion on how much we'll benefit, replacing the "human being as machine" metaphor that's dominated recent Western history with a different metaphor: "human being as ecology."

Keywords: biomimicry, Anthropocene, ecotechnics, biospherics, space colonies, ergonomics, ecological design, microbiome, smart cities, permaculture, ancient future, archaic revival, neo-animism, Internet of Things, interspecies internet


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"It is perhaps this capacity of some rhetorical practices to induce and manage the breakdown of borders – such as those between male and female, life and death, silence and talk – that deserves the name 'eloquence.'" 
– Richard Doyle, Darwin's Pharmacy, p101

The point of words, it seems, is to point past words – to direct attention to our lived experience, at which point words become unnecessary. Language functions as a bridge, sometimes, and sometimes as a wall...the management of boundaries, joining and dividing, is the sacred task of writers. Poetry is magic; story shapes our lives; the power and the mystery of words is real, and serious, and I am grateful to be one of those through whom the words flow freely.

There are many kinds of writers; but I think my kind of writer is the dot-connecting kind, who never rests too long in one perspective, who is constantly revealing underlying unity and celebrating life in all its endless novelty, a writer who can speak past language and reveal you to yourself.

And that's my goal. Our lives are gorgeous, complicated, brief, and perfect. How can I not communicate this beauty?

Science & Futurism

I'm writing a book called How To Live in the Future, about evolutionary dynamics, psychedelic futurism, and how to make your way in our ever-weirdening world. Learn more and support me on my Patreon campaign. Read excerpts at my Medium account:

• Part 1: The Future is a Place
• Part 2: The Future is More of Everything
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Part 6: The Future is Disgusting
Part 7: The Future Acts Like You
Part 8: The Future is Indistinguishable from Magic

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