Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: December 2018

11 December 2018

Clearing House & Moving On (Plus Twelve New Podcast Episodes)

I could see a new world with my middle eye, a world I had missed before. I caught images behind images, the walls behind the sky, the sky behind the infinite. The walls became fountains, the fountains became arches, the domes skies, the sky a flowering carpet, and all dissolved into pure space. I thought I was the quickest mind alive and the quickest with words, but words cannot catch up with these transformations, metamorphoses.

End-of-an-Era Art Sale

Well, it's been eleven years since I first painted at a concert. Eleven years, 450 paintings, 300 custom hats, a thousand different musical collaborators on three continents...it's been an awesome run.

I won't stop making art, but LIVE art's going to take a nap for now.  (My last live painting gig in Austin will be at the Save Our Springs Alliance Holiday Party on December 7th.)

Between my new job at the Santa Fe Institute and preparations for my first child (due next spring!), I'm undergoing major shifts – and that means letting one or two plates fall so I can spin the rest.

Future Fossils Podcast isn't going anywhere...

The psychedelic field guide coloring book will continue growing page by page on Patreon...

My music's going (even deeper) underground while I get serious about recording a new album...

And I'm getting rid of nearly every painting I have left. They won't fit in our new apartment, and I'm in a giving spirit, so if you would like one of the last big, live originals I'll be making for A WHILE – well, here you go.  Click on the paintings for the swiftly-shrinking list of your remaining choices.

The list price doesn't matter to me anymore; what matters is these pieces finding a good home.  

Feel free to make an offer that you worry might offend me.  We can work it out.

Thank you for every way you've been a part of this adventure, all these years...

New Digital Painting & Time-Lapse Video

In other news, I'm edging slowly into digital, and plan to stream more art from home (on YouTube and Facebook) to compensate for disappearing from the festival scene for a while.

Here is a newer piece, along with a time-lapse of its creation, narrated with an excerpt from the awesome episode of Future Fossils featuring philosopher and culture critic John David Ebert:

(You can grab prints of this piece at my art store.)

TWELVE New Podcast Episodes

Okay, so yeah:  this isn't really a "biweekly" newsletter anymore, is it?  Sorry about that.

Anyway, here are the last dozen episodes of Future Fossils Podcast – some of my favorite ever!

Awaiting you is my first science fiction ("An Oral History of the End of 'Reality'"); my epic first panel discussions for the show; and my long-awaited chat with Erik Davis round out the first 100 episodes – with the Episode 100 slot going to The Tea Faerie – and then we tie it up in 101 with a deep dive into this show's recurring themes...


Facts are very special objects, which is why they must be constructed through such careful
and painstaking methods. But they are still human fabrications. We are all wearing
tool belts here, scientists and mystics alike, fashioning experience into
artifacts and realities that feedback on us, inevitably, as stories, shaping
us in turn.