Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: March 2015

24 March 2015

Interviewing Erik Davis on TechGnosis | How To Live in Wonder | New Paintings | Printed Throw Pillows | New Articles for Globalish | More Gigs

"Forward!  Ever Forward!"
Happy Spring, everyone!  This blog marks my transition from a biweekly to a monthly newsletter, which means I'll go deeper with more carefully curated highlights.  If you'd like to stay in the flow and see absolutely everything, I welcome you to follow me on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Youtube.  One format won't replace the other – hopefully these changes help me offer more to all of you, more fluidly.

And now, for this month's news – starting with one of the more fun conversations I have ever had:

Interview with Erik Davis on TechGnosis:
Myth, Magic, & Mysticism in the Age of Information

Last week I joined Erik Davis for a far-reaching and lively conversation on Erik's soon-to-be-reissued book, Techgnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information. Erik is a personal hero of mine and one of our culture's weirdest and most wonderful writers – a culture critic and religious scholar whose writing spans topics including the visionary culture of California, black metal philosophy, stage magic, neuroscience, and psychedelic transhumanism (for starters).  I've been a guest on his awesome Expanding Mind podcast twice (in 2011 and 2012) and it's always a pleasure to speak with him.

Here are both parts of our chat.  Part One is more free-ranging, and Part Two is more focused on how his ideas and the book have aged since their first publication in 1998:

Also:  Just the week before, I had another great conversation with Shawn Madden​ of New Paradigm Radio​ on how to live in wonder and thrive in an age of accelerating change.  Where history and myth intersect – where science and magic are joined – where childlike awe and grown-up discernment cross-pollinate – that's where the renaissance lives. Here is my take on it.

New Live & Studio Paintings

I've been hard at work at two of the biggest and most ambitious pieces that I've ever done, which I'll have ready for you soon!  But in the meantime I have also managed to chip off a few pieces of the transcendental hyperobject and get them down on canvas.  Here are two more modest recent works that kind of hearken back to when I started painting:

One Solstice Is Unlike Any Other
18"x24" – painted live at Llano Earth Arts Festival
oil and acrylic pens on canvas

Untitled Collaboration with Tourmaline Todd
8"x22" – painted at home
oil and acrylic pens, and acrylic paint, on canvas

"Experimentally symphonic, layered to perfection, pleasing to the ears, as if Mozart and Random Rab did a mashup series while taking a stroll through the forest. Sophisticated. Bending the lines of spirituality, electronic technology, and organic instruments..."

You can also grab a free sampler of some of my favorite tracks from 2014 here.  Enjoy!

Warning: May Increase Likelihood of Lucid Dreams

Throw pillows just joined the extensive catalog of printed items you can find at my Nuvango store – alongside men's and women's tees, greeting cards, laptop skins, and phone cases for both iPhone and Samsung models.  Click either of the images below to browse your many possibilities:

More Writing From My Full-Time Gig at Globalish

I am honored to be a part of Globalish – not only to have such a solid vehicle for my ideas and writing, but to find a business culture dedicated to real personal and social transformation.

We're offering our readers something more than just a better story.  Here are my most recent contributions, in each of our four categories (my favorites are at the top of each):





Upcoming Gigs

Parting Shot

Here's a photo by the fabulous Adam Pugh of the lion painting I'll share in next month's newsletter (and which you can see in various stages of completion here):

“The spiritual qualities of the icon sought to transform the flesh, to deprive it of its coarse material substance, to dissolve it in light and re-mould it in spiritual plasma. Icons are sacred images that reflect the physical and the spiritual, the human and the Divine, the visible and the invisible.” 
– L. Evseyeva