Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: June 2017

07 June 2017

MG on Comedy Central / The Garden of Unearthly Delights / Martian Arts EP / H.R. Giger Tribute Poetry / New Episodes of Future Fossils Podcast

“As if there were an opening, an opening which would be an assembling, which would be a world, which would be that something might happen, that many things might happen, that there is a crowd, a swarming of what is possible, that all the possibilities are seized with pricklings…” 
– Henri Michaux on mescaline, 2001

Hey friends!  I hope this message finds you well – it's been an inspiring and productive spring this year, deciding I'd take time away from festivals to focus on my writing, music, podcast, partnership, all of the things that constant travel means I've left neglected.

But behold!  Some great new things to share in every medium – and big announcements!

(And if you are a cable TV viewer, check out my debut on Comedy Central, interviewed by comedian Moshe Kasher for his show Problematic's coverage of the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference.  Admittedly, it's only like 10 seconds – and they cut up my responses beyond recognition – but I think it's an accurate depiction of Moshe's ADHD point of view, based on our conversation.  Anyone who thinks that I'm "TL;DR" will laugh at this.  :))

Enjoy and stay in touch,

• New Art •
"The Garden of Unearthly Delights"

Signed Paper Prints are on 100 lb. 17"x11" cardstock.
Canvas Prints are limited series of 25 full-size 36"x24" giclee reproductions on UV-sealed archival canvas with 3/4" stretchers, signed and numbered on reverse.

My latest collaboration with "Tourmaline" Todd Shepherd, started at a legendary underground party in Austin, Texas during South By Southwest and passed back and forth for over two months of intensive, detailed studio work. The palette and depth reminded me of Hieronymous Bosch so much it swerved into the territory of a tribute to his famous painting, "The Garden of Earthly Delights" – although, instead, a vision of the future, otherworldly surreal – not beastly combinations of terrestrial life, but ineffably familiar vegetation, massive structures in the distance, strange habitats and intersecting vectors of mysterious activity.

• New Music •
Martian Arts EP

Stream or Download at Bandcamp
(Available for free to Bandcamp & Patreon subscribers.)

This set at Martian Arts Festival in San Marcos, Texas was a doozy. I did not expect to see a UFO that night – but who does, really? It was my first sighting in ten years. Things shifted. Something opened. I admitted to myself that I have been in Chapel Perilous since then, the place where everything syncs up and all of it unfolds as a conspiracy in which we're implicated and the shapes begin to come together and we notice what they point to. 

It all seems ridiculous. That is my rationality rebelling when I KNOW that something magical occurred that night. A portal opened. Call it what you will. All this music's just an overture to what came next. We never saw it coming. Now it's all that I can do to not grab onto what remains of that extraordinary mystery, to let it be. How does a person live like this, and make of glimpses of perfection, transcendental truth, a way of life, an everyday reality? 

Edited for time and mastered on a laptop. Otherwise, exactly as it was performed, all live, one take, no post-production mixing.  Guitar, Voice, Pedals.  On the eve of mystery.

Thank You...

Download Martian Arts EP at Bandcamp.

• New Writing •

An ode to H.R. Giger inspired by the recent premiere of Alien: Covenant and a recent episode of the Stuff To Blow Your Mind podcast. I've had a thing for the erotic biomechanical horror of Giger's work since I was nine years old, and a significant sub-basement of my psyche is devoted to the xenomorph. Enjoy!

Reading Necronomicon at New York Comic Con:
So wrong, my clothes are tight
like Han in Carbonite,
might get a callus tonight,
metallic phalluses bite
vestigial human in scenes
of pumping stillbirth machines,
I jump into the regimes
of ancient alien queens
and clumping organs between
the shiny carapaces
and their mute and chrome-toothed faces,
plugged into a Hell so hot it's issuing steam...

Read (or listen to me read aloud) the whole thing on Patreon.

• New Podcasts •

“Empowerment comes down to your awareness of the upgrade that you want.”
– Sara Huntley

This week's awesome conversation is with multidimensional artist-futurist Sara Huntley, on the future of performance art and the ethics of our relationships to sentient digital beings.

Listen to this episode on iTunesStitcherGoogle Play, or Patreon.
Check out the show notes, quotes, and cited books at MindPodNetwork.

“You cannot change the present system. This thing is dying, it’s structurally unsustainable. And so to try to somehow fix the present system is just a waste of time. Don’t waste your time on the present system. We have to start working on building the new world.”
– John Petersen

This week we welcome futurist John Petersen of The Arlington Institute into the digital archives, for a challenging and visionary chat about how wrong we’re guaranteed to be about the future – and what we CAN expect about the new paradigm (which is coming sooner than you might suspect).

Listen to this episode on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Patreon.
Check out the show notes, quotes, and cited books at MindPodNetwork.

• Upcoming Gigs •

Speaking on time, technology, and evolution at the all-star festival to end all festivals.
17 - 23 August in Big Summit Prairie, Oregon.

Playing UtopiaFest's first-ever sunrise set for their last year at the glorious Four Sisters Ranch.
22 - 24 September in Utopia, Texas.

• Thank You For Reading! •