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22 January 2014

Videos: Cyberguitar at BRC | Talk: Entertainment As Social Action | Consciousness App | New Merch Galore | Upcoming Shows

"A real work of art destroys, in the consciousness of the receiver, 
the separation between himself and the artist."

New Cyberguitar Videos From Burning Man 2013

Live at Center Camp Café, 27-8-2013.  I had just unpacked my camp and rolled my sixty pounds of gear a quarter mile across the desert to play this gig after four straight days of driving across country from Austin to Boulder to Black Rock City – two days of which I spent crumpled in a feverish heap in my friend's passenger seat, praying I would be able to play this show.  The fates were smiling on me this night!  As soon as I got in the gate, a wave of YES broke over me and I ended up jamming one of my most inspired improvisational sets to date.  At the end they told me the next act never showed up, so the last video in this series (right before the camera battery died) is of me inviting my many excellent musician friends in the audience to come jam with me on stage.  

These videos feature a whole bouquet of techniques – Ebow, nylon brush percussion, LFOs, multichannel looping, pitch shifting, delay tweaks, and more – as I transform the initial space-radio 6/8 groove into glacial psy-ambient acoustic metal, then a slow-burning instrumental pop anthem.  Just another day at the wheel...  :)

The best parts of this set, and the one I played at Fractal Planet, are available on Bandcamp as a Free/Pay-What-You-Like Download...along with about 30 more hours of lovely acoustic cyberdelia.  Please, go help yourself if you haven't already.  My cup runneth over, and people tell me it's good music for flow arts, making babies, and stuff.

Here are the rest of my way-hella-tons of audio recordings from Burning Man 2013:

Wow!  It's all published.  Sweet Mercy, that took forever.  Enjoy...

How do narrative and metaphor construct our social reality...and how can we use entertainment media to challenge our limitations, reprogram our minds, and make the world a better place?

On the use of poetry and cinema to shape perception, how we are bound together by our entertainment in the body of something greater, and how the internet's unique topography offers us a profound opportunity to redefine what it means to be human...my latest presentation explores the liberating potential of art and the importance of the artist in each of us.

New Article & Live Webcast for Reality Sandwich

Well, it's finally happening:  The work of a crack team of advisors – including prominent members of The Institute of Noetic Sciences & Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab – the app turns your smartphone into a Random Number Generator (RNG), calculates the non-randomness of your bitstream as a measure of your mind's potential influence on matter, and generates real-time maps of coherent psychic phenomena – launching a new crowdsourced psychic meteorology we could use to predict significant cultural events and other "disturbances in the Force."

New Mind Folds

I'm back in the game.  I love doing these!  Email me if you'd like one – prices range between $50 – 100, so they're a bit more affordable than the flatbills & fedoras (for which I'm also currently taking orders).

Upcoming Events

I am mixed up in some AMAZING stuff over the next few weeks – live webcast panel discussions; musical performances with intense live digital animation by Topher Sipes; the first gallery show for Third Coast Visions (our live art collective here in TX); and the return of the wonderful Head For The Hills Festival.  My full calendar is on my website.  

Here are some highlights with links to the event pages:

And in case you missed them...

Thanks to very helpful collaborators and recent good turns in fortune, my slickest merch ever is here.  Follow the links below to adorn yourself with wearable art I'm truly proud of, and help me make up for the other 90% of my time I spend on work that doesn't pay – like my technology, art, and consciousness discussion group, uploading all those videos, and writing poetry about the Moon...

That's all, folks!  Thanks for reading and stay in touch...