Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: Merry Christmas! My Biggest Update Ever: 2 Large Collaboration Paintings • 1 Psychedelic Future Rant • 4 New Podcasts • 5 New Live Releases • And A Patreon For You And Me... (Oh, and I'm Going to Australia!)

17 December 2016

Merry Christmas! My Biggest Update Ever: 2 Large Collaboration Paintings • 1 Psychedelic Future Rant • 4 New Podcasts • 5 New Live Releases • And A Patreon For You And Me... (Oh, and I'm Going to Australia!)

“I can at best report only from my own wilderness.”
– Loren Eiseley

Greetings, friends.  I know this newsletter's insanely long.  It's just that I've so much to share!  To keep these updates more bite-sized, I will be shifting strategy toward sharing everything on Patreon instead of social media or email – also, ramping up the publication schedule of this blog a little.  I won't be offended if you'd rather not sift through a magazine of new work every month...

But I would be DELIGHTED if you joined my Patreon community and let me shower you with all of this enthusiastic creativity and thoughtful wonder!  I am taking on my biggest and most meaningful projects ever, right now – not just my first book, but my first (legitimate) studio album, a weekly podcast, and some truly epic gallery pieces for upcoming art shows.  

If you would like to be a part of all this as it comes together, join my awesome crew of patrons and enjoy the wealth of inspiration (and fun ephemera) that I have to share with you.  I'm only 17 subscribers from my goal for this year and I hope you're one of them!

New Paintings & Canvas Prints
24"x48" - oil and acrylic paint on masonite
Read more / Buy prints

24"x48" - oil and acrylic paint on masonite

Two collaboration with Elliot Rogers: the top one was mostly my work, and the bottom one was mostly his, but we swapped back and forth a couple times and inflitrated one another's visions.

We finally have high-res SCANS of both of these and can produce museum quality canvas prints!

Click through on either image to read more about the piece and maybe even score yourself a print...

How to Live in the Future – Boom Festival 2016

Stream/Download • Talk Notes
"I’m hoping that by the end of this talk you all feel slightly more empowered to participate in this future, and to participate in the growing number of people worldwide that recognize that it falls upon us as we birth a new age, to love what we create. And to infuse it with love and creativity, and not to reject this baby, but to raise it right. We have this profound opportunity to invest as much beauty and love and creativity into this new space as we possibly can."

My talk from Boom Festival's Liminal Village – in which, while trying to make a case for how to sanely navigate the next few years, I somehow manage to discuss Jurassic Park, Terminator, Pokémon, cat videos, Radiolab, Google, DARPA, Charles Stross, the Singularity, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Martine Rothblatt, Genesis P Orridge, nondual philosophy, and angels.

How do you live in the future? By getting used to the new everyday reality in which transcendental mystery, rapid transformation, and networked selfhood is the norm. I caught most but not all of this talk in 360º video, so if "being there" is your thing then watch part 1 and part 2 on YouTube.

New Future Fossils Podcast Episodes

We're finally getting into a regular swing with this fantastic conversation series, in which very interesting people talk with me about the future.  Subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes or Stitcher!

Episode 11 with Shaft Uddin (Tantric Unicorn)

This special double episode with "tantric unicorn" Shaft Uddin of SacredSexualAwakening.com (I kid you not) is the craziest, most stimulating and far reaching conversation we've had on the show so far.  This one goes everywhere from polyamory to political theory, shadow work to civil engineering, ecstatic sensuality to time travel, crystal meditations to the TPP, past life regression to permaculture, synesthesia to church, Universal Basic Income to the benefits of global festival community.  Hold on tight!

Episode 12 with Mark Lee (Somnio8)

In this week's conversation with visionary painter Mark Lee (aka Somnio8) at Boom Festival's Museum of Visionary Art, we get into scalar waves, free energy devices, getting back to nature with new paradigm technologies – and yes, of course, his awesome art.  Prepare to have your physics challenged...

Guest Appearances on Other Podcasts

In this week’s episode of FuturePrimitive, host Joanna Harcourt-Smith invites me into an exquisite conversation about paradox, intensity, casuality and the art of fun. For those of you who don't already know, Joanna once snuck LSD into prison for her lover Tim Leary and is the most dedicated podcaster I've ever met – her archives stretch back over 500 episodes, and are well worth your exploration.

A great chat with Third Eye Drops host Michael Phillip and Shamans of the Global Village director Niles Heckman, in which we discuss the war of art, the endless retelling of the hero's journey and Hollywood's amazing lack of imagination, occult teachings in blockbuster films and the lost ayahuasca scene from Avatar, why what you do for a living isn't who you are, and the future of virtual reality immersive storytelling.

(FIVE!) New Live Albums

Two new instrumental improv sets and three singer-songwriter performances – all of which are available for free download to my Bandcamp and Patreon subscribers, and can be streamed for free by anyone (with small but possibly annoying buffer gaps between tracks).

For fans of my instrumental psychedelic ambient work, two new recordings offer novel sonic saunters through the convoluted tunnels of imagination-space:

• Duende was recorded at the SolPurpose Visionary Arts Academy at Sonic Bloom Festival 2016, live music for a painting session hosted by Martina Hoffmann, Randal Roberts, and Morgan Mandala. Rare electric guitar only set. 

• Campfire was a super dark, cold, wet, and smokey backyard party at my friends' in Nashville – and it definitely carries all that autumn spooky splendor.

Three singer-songwriter performances that weave together storytelling, avant-garde guitar technique, and jewel-like songcraft – plus a hefty dose of spontaneity:

• Concert Window was a set I streamed from home, and features first performances of some new songs as well as one completely tasty improv. 

• Whip In was a strong, eclectic set I played for my fiancée's 30th birthday (so there's lots of heart, and silly banter).

• Synergia Ranch was played in an original Buckminster Fuller dome, so this short set (with special guest Andrew Stocker on a trancey throat-singing looper jam) has awesome natural reverb.

Upcoming Festivals

Oh, and I'm going to Australia for a month-long tour in February!  NBD.  (I'm freaking out.)

~ love ~