Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: Michael


Michael Garfield (Austin, Texas) is the world's only paleontologist-futurist, a new-mythographer whose work in every medium articulates a vision of emergent planetary renaissance – and celebrates the curiosity and play required of us in an age when evolution has become technology.

Public speaker, essayist, avant-guitarist, and live painter, Michael bears the standard for a lineage of scholar-mystics rooted in their common awe of natural history and the living world – even as he challenges the categories of "technology" and "nature," pointing past our hyperlinked ideas to the immediate and indivisible reality that's available to us in every moment.

"Michael is a bio-mechanical lightning rod, he possess a keen intellect and possibly too much talent, and I have never seen him do anything other than stimulate, antagonise, elevate, shake-not-stir, and generally get involved in the center of where ever his roaming griot spirit might be..."
– James Oroc, author of Tryptamine Palace

"If the society we are moving towards is one where artists like Michael pervade the scene,
then that is a society I judge worthy for my children."
– Matt Bovard, for LostinSound.org

"A demiurgic force to be reckoned with (let’s just be glad that he’s on the side of conscious culture). He’s a masterful thinker, poet-philosopher, visionary artist, musician…and there’s at least a slight possibility that he’s a cyborg from the future.  Wherever and whenever he’s from, I’m pleased that he’s here to share his revolutionary yet frolicsome music and deeply important ideas."
- Ryan Greendyk, founder of Light Lab

"One of the true pioneering maverick spirits within the movement that not only philosophizes about the grand merit of living mindfully, but also practices focused action steps tirelessly to ground [his] ethos into a truly commendable lifestyle. I tip my hat in appreciation."
Ehren Cruz, founder-director of Solpurpose.com

"You inspire me."
Allan Badiner, author of Zig Zag Zen

"Michael Garfield is the ultimate psychedelic visionary artist of many outlets – musician, painter, and speaker, an all encompassing presence."

"An avalanche of synthetic media and eco-delic content."
Mitch Mignano, editor at Synergetic Press

"If you are like us, then [in you] lies a yearning to discover something DIFFERENT and new, something that floors you, something that moves you, something that gets you excited to go home and download everything of theirs available online and to tell all of your friends about it...Michael Garfield could do that for us this summer."
Sparkleberry Lane

"Michael Garfield paints the world with sound...some truly mind-bending improvs. Fans of art and performance will find a lot to love."
The Horn (on A Million Anniversaries)

"Don't jump to conclusions based on 'acoustic guitar improv'...this sounds more like some of the sonic explorations that came out of the Robert Fripp/Brian Eno collaborations than some hippie 'jamming' on an acoustic in a park somewhere. [It's] full of odd timbres and textures, but the occasional splash of melody erupts and there's a strange, sci-fi psycho-Western feel to a lot of it – let's just say if they'd ever done a psychedelic drug sequence on Firefly, this would have worked perfectly as the accompaniment...frequently evocative and never less than interesting."
– Denver Westword (on Daylighting EP)

"'Golden Hour' slides into my veins and spreads its claws deep, holding me with unrelenting insistence and a funk groove plowed clean, deep and dangerously direct."

"Amazing. I have not seen that before...you obviously put some hours in. I was hypnotized."

"The twisting braids of sound he can generate with such a simple rig is incredible, as is the simmering energy that comes through even the quietest moments, a feeling of suspense that something you don't want to miss is about to happen.  The inventiveness and the passion that drives all of the meticulous work that goes into such projects is evidence of a deep and interesting well of ideas...memorable and beautiful."
- Caeli La for LostInSound (on The Body Electric)

"While I MEAN to give helpful, rational feedback, all I want to do is run around and throw copies of your CD at people, photograph their faces upon listening, and give THAT to you instead. The music makes me FEEL too strongly to be able to THINK about it enough to speak on it in a way that would be useful to you."

"Astonishing...insane guitar talent."

"Amazing to watch and even more amazing to listen to."

"Dope. Evolving cyberacoustic experimentation recorded in a geodesic dome..."

"A Million Anniversaries has put me in a more spiritual place than I have been in quite some time...I highly suggest grabbing this album. It will make your day."

"Electic elegance. You got it, keep it up, the world is hungry for the real deal."

"Watching your show the other day was a PROFOUND spiritual experience for me...a highlight of my musical experiences up till this point. Dude, you hit me on the deepest soul level."

"This music makes me high. [Michael's] guitar talks. It tells stories and laughs and enters into shamanic fits…but it also weaves together a blanket of the familiar." 

"Esoteric and intricate, I found myself struggling to describe his sound and style...some surprisingly pleasurable heartbreak."

"The only reason this album might not be appreciated is if you don't have a musical ear."
Scene Magazine, Fort Collins CO (on A Million Anniversaries)

"An amazing artist.  The diversity of sound on this album is incredible considering he only used an acoustic guitar and various pedals.  You could enjoy it on a Friday night, or a Sunday morning."

"[Michael] is leading the charge in bringing a more human and soulful aspect back to electronic music."

"Michael has mastered a method of playing on a pedestal all its own. Ultimately [his work] is an exploration into what you perceive music, the guitar, and technology can do…then completely altering it." 

"Great vibe, masterful looping. Hypnotic and wonderful sounds. Looking forward to hearing more."

"An insanely moving spiritual experience in sound. His intricately developed soundscapes delve into the internal harmonies of what it means to be human: the percussion our pulse and the melody the flow of our spirit, like blood vessels serpentinely traversing through the labyrinthine veins of the body."
- Bridget Chaney for LostInSound

"Here is my frank review, Michael: I think you love babies. And you want everyone making them so you go around giving people this music. You're like the Johnny Appleseed of a whole new crop of children."

"I've chosen [this] as the music I will conceive my first child to...in all seriousness."
- Jeremy Judkins of Deep Blip Records (on A Million Anniversaries)

"Your sound is totally sunkissed Cali psych mysticism. That sound is classic and cannot be faked."

"If you've never seen [Michael] perform live before, it's something between a front row seat at a paradigm-shifting TED talk, and sharing the archetypal wonder on display when a modern child first interacts with a mechanism of artificial intelligence, grappling with the intriguing chasm between its utilitarian function and its subtle humanity."
-Jared Buschbaum

"Michael Garfield is simply too multi-talented to be categorized, too out-of-the-box to be typed. Along with being a musician he's also a masterful thinker, poet-philosopher, and visionary artist."

"Show me someone who believes they have an original idea, and I will invite them to meet Michael Garfield.

"An accomplished writer, performer, composer and painter on top of being a skilled guitarist...His personality is as interesting and compelling as his music and art."

"The generational remake of psychedelic performance philosophy."

"Michael Garfield is amazingly well-spoken and his artwork is amazing too...ranges in between trippy and breathtaking. It is incredible that the rewards system of our society is set up in such a way that someone as brilliant as he is is living out of the back of a trailer."
- Charles Eisenstein, author of The Ascent of Humanity & Sacred Economics 

"A true artist by nature, his star shines bright wherever he is performing or with whatever type of project he chooses to tackle."
- Caeli La, LostInSound

"Michael is simply a behemoth in this culture of creativity and deep analytical thought."
Gratifly Music & Arts Festival

"Adept at creating a refreshing space for delving deeply into self exploration, cultural transformation, and everything in between."
Michael Henderson, Evolver Baltimore

"Truly compelling and eloquent, congratulations! I felt the audiences hearts and minds expanding with each minute."
Krystleyez, visionary artist

"You're masterful with words, sir."
Luke Redfield, singer-songwriter

"Regardless of medium, [Michael] is able to express himself uniquely and passionately, and inspire others in the process.  Be sure to check out his excellent work."

"A highly creative and articulate artist of life...discover for yourself some of this dynamic renaissance man’s creations. For me, Michael beautifully articulates where we are in our chaotic, evolutionary, post-rational transition phase."
"Michael's art and music and mind should be in the Smithsonian!  They should create a special wing for him!  A bbq hot wing with trancendental sauce!  And let him out to play at festivals..."
- Dr. Norman Katz, hypnotherapist & founder of 3SidedWhole

"I am envious of your lexicon and understanding of bio-evolution...I feel like you have a lot of solid answers tying [human speciation] together with technology."
- Andrew Johner, director of Electronic Awakening

"Seems unfair to the rest of us to have all that talent in one place, but there you are."
Brian Browne Walker, author & translator

"Being your friend is like having a front row seat to awesome things."
Topher Sipes of ARTheism

"Michael Garfield has a way with his words."
"[Michael has] a wonderful ability to articulate the difficult and complex divinity of this world."

"Reminded me of the first time I heard Noam Chomsky speak; effortlessly, fluidly, articulately mesmerizing! Thank you for your words and the energy behind them. You navigate with grace and wisdom."
– Jane Maru

"His extremely unique choice of media, color-palettes, and content is absolutely singular, eye-catching, 
intellectually and emotionally evocative, fun and beautiful."

"Pieces that portray the intricacy of natural forms and demand the undivided attention of spectators."
Gravitas Recordings' List of Favorite Artists

Bryce Widom, painter