Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: About


Michael Garfield (Austin, Texas) is perhaps the world's only paleontologist-futurist, a psychedelic poet-artist whose work in every medium communicates a vision of emergent planetary renaissance - and celebrates the curiosity and play required of us if we are to make it through this age of transformation. Painter, singer-songwriter, guitarist, public speaker, Michael lives within a lineage of scholar-mystics (Wallace, Haeckel, Teilhard, and McKenna) rooted in their common awe of natural history and the living world - even as he challenges the categories of "technology" and "nature," pointing past our hyperlinked ideas to the immediate and indivisible reality of being that's available to us in every moment.

"Michael is a bio-mechanical lightning rod, he possess a keen intellect and possibly too much talent, and I have never seen him do anything other than stimulate, antagonise, elevate, shake-not-stir, and generally get involved in the center of where ever his roaming griot spirit might be..."
– James Oroc, author of Tryptamine Palace

"If the society we are moving towards is one where artists like Michael pervade the scene,
then that is a society I judge worthy for my children."
– Matt Bovard, for LostinSound.org