Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: ...So Begins Another Epic Festival Summer! Live in SF, New Mindfolds, & The Lost Painting

28 May 2013

...So Begins Another Epic Festival Summer! Live in SF, New Mindfolds, & The Lost Painting

"I think of mythology as a function of biology, a statement of the impulse system of the body and the organs. Not something that’s made up in the head. What’s made up in the head is fiction. What comes out of the heart is myth."
Joseph Campbell

"The history of the song is based on the ballad, and the ballad is based on the narrative, and the narrative is based on the epic, and the epic is based on the anecdote.  It's all very interrelated."

We start with the dissolution of boundaries, and a new complex space opens up between us...

When The Orbit Curtain Falls

My ode to the day we meet our extraterrestrial neighbors and learn to sit at the galactic Adult's Table.  Inspired by half a dozen UFO sightings at Clinton Lake, just outside of Lawrence, Kansas, in 2006 - 2007. What's not to love about our initiation into a vaster cosmic understanding than we currently imagine?
Live at The Center SF

So, I played this amazingly fun show during the solar eclipse at The Center SF on Fillmore with Cello Joe and eitch.  We were blessed with live painting by Randal Roberts and Dela and Scott Ferguson, and dancing by Cressie Mae.  If you weren't there you can download this and pretend like you were – and if you were, you can get all sentimental while we're waiting on the next one.

Also, I found out that someone recorded my entire set opening for Papadosio in Lawrence on May 1st!  (Not a bad set, either...see video above.)

And the love is still going strong for my latest EP, Yellow Leaves.  Go grab yourself a free copy of that one if you haven't already; definitely one of the most inspired instrumental sets I've ever played.

If you're curious about what inspires me:

From my recent interview on UniTiger:

"The reason I call it 'cyberacoustic' music, and the reason I understand it as a performance of a Unity paradigm, is because of how this music is inspired by my study of cybernetics, nondual spirituality, and the evolution of consciousness. Cybernetics is all about feedback loops and understanding a living organism more as a pattern of relationships with the environment – a dynamic nexus of energies – than as a discrete individual living 'in' and acting 'on' the world. By using a live microphone and a magnetic soundhole pickup my musical inputs are open to the sound coming through the speakers, so there is a chaotic sensitivity to the environment that weaves all of these unplanned variables into the creative act. Just as 99% of our decisions are not made by the conscious mind and the pursuit of a deeper-lived Unity calls us to integrate what we consider self with what we consider other, I invite the unexpected and the audience and the mechanical and architectural context of the performance into its actual musical expression as much as possible.

It’s also a way of saying that we have no clear boundary between organic/born and artificial/made, the analog and the digital, producers and consumers, past/present/future…it’s a way of preserving these distinctions while still pointing to the arch-reality in which you and I and all of this equipment are here together, now, participating as polarities within one phenomenal event. Looking at us as interpenetrating fields of influence that are also harmonics within a greater unified field. Nature and Culture, Inner and Outer worlds in an alchemical wedding."

The Lost Painting:
Tunnel of Glass & Ferns
Buy 11"x17" Prints

Started in Deerfields, North Carolina at Trinumeral 888 (and made of 8s, if you look) for EOTO and Conspirator on the day that Beijing opened the Olympics; compounded and layered in Denver, Colorado in a DIY gallery weekend throwdown in 2010; rounded out in spring of 2011 in New Orleans, where I was on a streak of working over old pieces.  Lost in New Orleans for a while.  Rediscovered.  Gifted away.

Custom Mind Folds

I'm pleased with this development, let me tell you.  Email me if you'd like to order one and I'll send you the details.  (Hats are still an option, of course.  As is pretty much anything else.)

Wow, That Happened Fast...

The festivals I'm delighted to be romping with, this summer – including a few promising upstarts:

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Thank you for your time and your support.  We nourish each other!