Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: Super Ridiculous $10 Print Sale | MG on "In A Perfect World" Podcast | New POV Live Art Time-Lapse | New Custom Flatbills | Bamboo Pins

20 April 2014

Super Ridiculous $10 Print Sale | MG on "In A Perfect World" Podcast | New POV Live Art Time-Lapse | New Custom Flatbills | Bamboo Pins

"My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there."

"In order to fight a network and win, you have to oppose it with an even more robust and fluid network."
Tea Faerie

I'll keep it brief this time and let the content do the speaking.  Super grateful for you – to have an audience, to know my work is helpful, that it's provoking and inspiring people.  Change is in the air...I hope it's empowering you, sculpting you into a better person – and I hope that my words, music, and imagery can help you hold the vision through that change.

Stay in touch if you have any questions or feedback.  I'd love to hear from you.


~ Super Ridiculous $10 Print Sale ~

I'm about to flush roughly half of the 200+ live art prints out of my online merch shop – and I'm giving everyone an opportunity to purchase FOR THE LAST TIME any of my work dating back to 2007 before I prune these overgrown art archives down to fighting trim. 

Until May 15th, every single one of them will be only $10 apiece – now's your chance to scoop up anything you like from my entire history as a painter.  I'll be posting pics from the "cut" pile every day at this facebook event until that day.  Now is your chance to plumb my archives and score yourself some vibrant, inspirational, healing live art at a price most artists would find insulting...

You can check out all of my available 11"x17" poster prints here.  Thanks for taking a look!

~ MG on "In A Perfect World" Podcast ~

My friend, Australian journalist Rak Razam, interviewed me on his recent visit to Austin, and this is what happened – a really fun, exciting conversation – enjoy!

A guided tour of evolutionary hyperspace with paleontologist-poet-philosopher Michael Garfield. How do we communicate the Big Ideas that matter, that can help us survive in the changing paradigm we find ourselves in? Garfield offers a long and provocative burst of synaptic ideation that explores ideas like: mind viruses, transparency-surveillance culture, the technocratic priestcraft, Buckminster Fuller, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, machine super intelligences, Big Mama vs. Big Brother, psychedelics, fembots, romancing Skynet, cryptocurrencies, wearable computing, having sex on Google Glass, cyborg anthropology, mesh networks and the bit torrenting of culture, open source power redistribution, the war on transhuman consciousness, and surfing the wave of chaos...

~ New POV Time-Lapse Live Art Video ~

My newest point-of-view ‪#‎liveart‬ time-lapse video, filmed through Google Glass- turning surveillance technology into the instruments of art - and dropping an ecstatic riff on improvisation and how to surf the changes...

Featuring music from Art Outside, painting from The Parish and Fun Fun Fun Fest, & narration from Unitus Cultural Arts Benefit Festival.  An excerpt:

"Old dogs may not learn new tricks, but the human brain retains its ability to learn and play for as long as we live. And that this is an especially useful trait, because the world we have created for ourselves is one in which everything is just going WAY too fast to believe that it's going to stay the same..."

~ Wear A Painting On Your Head ~

I love making paintings you can wear on your walls – after all, the home is an extension of the self, and where does the body really end?  But you can't take your house with you for a night on the town – yet – so it's a real treat for me to make this functional art that keeps your head warm and dry and inspires like-minded strangers to come talk to you.

Click to take a closer look at these high-resolution pictures, and drop me a line if you'd like one of your own (or want me to paint something else – I'm receptive).

~ Laser-Cut Bamboo Pins ~

One of my favorite things about living in the future is how quickly ideas become real objects.  My friend Jamie Greene of Biomorphics produced a small run of these lovely pins from my album art for 21st Century Romance – from hand sketch to digital fractal to laser engraving program to totally nontoxic (zero volatile organic compounds) swag made from renewable materials, just like that!  They're super light, deliciously textured, and come with a free digital download of my latest and most powerful recordings in almost any file format you can imagine.  Only 100 in the world.  :)

Thanks again for reading – I love you!