Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: New Time-Lapse & Live Looping Videos | Poster Prints Now Only $10 | Beatles Hat | Seeding the Ideapod | I Heart Doge

02 April 2014

New Time-Lapse & Live Looping Videos | Poster Prints Now Only $10 | Beatles Hat | Seeding the Ideapod | I Heart Doge

"welcome to tomorrow / where the currency is art / everyone is filthy rich / problems are solved through listening / ears tuned to neighbors heart"

I've had a lot on my mind recently.  After years of blithely assuming the answers, I'm taking a new look at the questions:  Can music festivals be incubators for social change?  How can we use entertainment for the greater good?  Hopefully asking the new community growing at Ideapod will generate some good conversation around these issues and others as they come to me...

2014 looks like it's shaping up to be fewer, more deliberate shows, more integration and grounding.  Deep change with my art, music, and writing is in the works.  My work as editor-in-chief for SolPurpose is about to step up in a big way as our humble website starts to gain momentum.  (Tune in to our facebook page if you want a daily dose of inspiration and constant new exposure to awesome visionary art.)

In the meantime, I'm as available as ever for correspondence and custom work.  Email me.

Now before I shower you with new work, here are a few upcoming gigs I'm excited about:

• 04/02 - The Parish w/ Zach Deputy & Henry + The Invisibles
• 04/12 - Texas Wild Rice Festival w/ Dixon's Violin, Ashleigh Stone, ARTheism, & more
• 04/22 - Greener Choices Festival w/ Sheer Khan, Blunt Force, & more on a Solar Stage

And here we go!  Thanks so much for reading.  I couldn't (and wouldn't) do this without you.

What I See When I'm Painting – A New Time-Lapse Video

The next in a series of point-of-view videos taken through Google Glass while painting and scored to tunes from my latest album, 21st Century Romance.  This track and the accompanying voiceover were recorded live during my set at last year's Art Outside Festival, one of the nation's uncontested best...  

Transcendental Electro-Blues w/ Topher Sipes on Live Visuals

Like Indiana Jones, I managed to slide in under the door and play a gig at San Marcos' legendary Triple Crown right before the building's scheduled demolition.  Here is an especially juicy clip from my first show with my good friend Topher Sipes on live digital animation...more of this to come!

All 11"x17" Prints Are Now Only $10 Each!

I decided after seven years of being stubborn about what I'm worth to cut the price in half on all my prints.  It's more important to me to make my art available to everyone who wants it than to stand on some pretension about "fair market price."  Enjoy browsing over 200 paintings dating back to 2007.

Thanks for your support!

The Beatles Called & Told Me They Dig This Hat

I was so, so happy to feature the imperatives from some of my favorite songs on this homage.  Not only was it a fresh opportunity, but painting custom hats pays most of my bills, these days.  If you want something totally unique and YOU, let me know!  It would be my pleasure.

In Other News, I Heart Dogecoin

Wow, so savvy! I now accept Dogecoin donations along with plain old Bitcoin donations on my site. Go grab a Dogecoin wallet and learn about the fun new cryptocurrency designed specifically to encourage a culture of gifting:  http://dogecoin.com  Then tip me some DOGE if you're feeling such generous!  Or you can buy a sampler of my favorite tracks from 21st Century Romance for 1000 Doge, which is, like, next to nothing.

~ Your Face ~

Live painter Christopher Morphis is a dear friend and an inspiration...and it tickles me to no end that he's such a fan of my music that he sometimes drives HOURS to paint at my shows.  Here he is at the lovely Head For The Hills Festival last month, working on the portrait of me with Google Glass he started at Rootwire 2013.  Go Morphis!

And that's a wrap.  I love you guys.  Take care of yourselves and stay in touch...