Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: On Encountering The Shadow, More Process Pics, & Transglobal Arts

01 November 2010

On Encountering The Shadow, More Process Pics, & Transglobal Arts

"I work on myself because I realize that the only thing you have to offer another human being ever is your own state of being."
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

"...And that is when life really started to pick up its skirt and show
us its beauty."

• Video: On Encountering The Shadow

Charles Shaw and I just entered the last week of our national Light & Shadow Tour, hosting conversations across the country on the role of the shadow in personal and cultural transformation. We've been on the road for over a month, now, and between the high-speed tire blowouts, run-ins with border patrol, debilitating sicknesses, missing keys, missing equipment, missing friends, and other wonderfully unpredictable encounters with divinely-ordained chaos...it's been utterly amazing, a life-changing voyage that has sharpened my social awareness and impassioned me to serve the best potential of a new world already shaping itself from the wreckage of our current crisis. To anchor here and now the sanity and love of the wiser society we can be, and might yet be.

Consequently, this video – footage from my end of our show at San Francisco's Jellyfish Gallery – is my most transparent, personal, and honest public statement so far. In it, I discuss the best methods I've learned to recognize when something "out there" is really "in here," and to defuse the destructive energies of a denial-splintered mind (and of course, I manage to get a song in there). I hope my reflections are useful to you in your quest for wholeness and self-understanding!

• More Process Pics!

While I'm waiting to finish the painting I started at Big Gigantic & Alex B at The Parish in Austin, TX and the Art Outside Festival, here are some series of earlier paintings in successive states of completion. I love to keep these records because they allow me to share and reflect on the thought process behind each piece, and the evolution of my technique in general.

Click on each image to get a look at the full-sized, hi-resolution version:

• Paintings For Sale At Transglobal Arts

I recently arranged with Transglobal Arts to put some of my work on sale through their website, which is designed to market inexpensive hand-made folk artwork from around the world. Net proceeds support the Multidisciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies and their tireless work to revive the practice of safe, legal, clinical psychedelic therapy.

I'm hardly one to unselfconsciously jump on the whole holiday-commercializing bandwagon, but here I am anyway encouraging you to consider gifting someone you love with one of these, or any of my numerous available paintings – all of which have been favorably re-priced...

2008 12 30 Cervantes
(Panjea, Kyle Hollingsworth, Lynx & Janover)

2009 06 25, 26 B Side Lounge & Mishawaka Amphitheatre
(Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Fareed Haque, Lynx & Janover, Ana Sia, EOTO w/ Michael Kang & Kyle Hollingsworth)

2009 09 11 Trinumeral Festival
(The Sun Ra Arkestra, Béla Fleck & Zakir Hussain & Edgar Meyer, The Glitch Mob)

More art and music soon...thanks for your time and have a beautiful day!