Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: Announcing My New Design Shop! Also, New Videos From The Light & Shadow Tour...

26 November 2010

Announcing My New Design Shop! Also, New Videos From The Light & Shadow Tour...

"If magic were to drop its unfulfillable pretensions as a science and come out of the closet as an art, it would ironically enough obtain the freedom to pursue its scientific aspirations, maybe even sneak up on some unified field theorem of the supernatural, all in terms acceptable to modern culture. In purely evangelic terms, as propaganda for a more enlightened magic worldview, art must surely represent our most compelling ‘evidence’ of other states and planes of being."
- Alan Moore, in "Fossil Angels"

New Merchandise Design Shop at Arts Projekt!

People have been asking me for years whether I put my work on clothing...now I can proudly say I do. Not just cool new t-shirts, but shoes, ties, iPhone cases, stickers, stamps, skateboards, buttons, postcards, and my favorite: the Painting While Dancing 2011 Calendar, with a different piece illuminating each month. Of course, I'll still be selling original artwork and inexpensive poster prints through the holiday season, but take a moment to check out my new project and if you think of anything that should be in the store, let me know - I'll be happy to add your ideas!

Ukulele + Fish Ladder =
New "It Hurts So We're Not Dead" Video

The latest from my series of spontaneous unplugged music videos shot on tour, Light & Shadow: Unplugged Across America. Something about the juxtaposition of such a serious song with the salmon striving to swim upstream behind me gives it that "je ne sais quoi"... Enjoy!

New Video From The Light & Shadow Tour:
MG On the Perils of Letting Go

More footage from last month's national Light & Shadow Tour with Charles Shaw, in which I discuss my issue with so many self-proclaimed "spiritual" people – namely, that we tend to use transcendence as an escape from who we are! (I can squeegee that third eye all I like, but if I'm not this and not that, then what reason do I have to be here?)

Eric Moorcroft & Audrey McNamara
Join the Field Guide To Live Artists

Two brief-but-lovely interviews with some of the live painting scene's freshest faces, as part of my ongoing mission to create a directory of inspiring stories from the front lines of process art:

"Painting and music are two art forms I believe complement one another."

"You have to do your thing 'on demand'. You can't get flustered or shy, you can't hesitate or just buckle under the pressure of having others watching. You must be confident."