Michael Garfield's Love Without End Tour Newsletter: ...In Which I Share New Paintings and Apparel, Muse on Art As Activism, and Recount Guitar Adventures!

17 November 2014

...In Which I Share New Paintings and Apparel, Muse on Art As Activism, and Recount Guitar Adventures!

So ends my festival season and begins a fertile period of work at home and in the cybernetic ethers...

Here's round one: a wrap-up on the best of my adventures in experimental electronic fingerstyle guitar; my talk from Firefly 2014 about our power to create world-changing media; two eggs I laid (proverbially); a bunch of great new articles for Globalish; and more new shirts than you have time to shake a stick at.  Thanks for reading!

On Four Years of Raw Guitar Experiments at LostInSound

Above all, looping’s an experiment with time travel – evoking different faces of both Kronos (linear clock time, measurement, eternity) and Kairos (the quality or feel of time, duration, opportunity). These pieces are, then, time machines – transporting audience and artist to specific times of day or moments in the mythic cycle.

Certain pieces presence layers in the archeology of consciousness: primordial intensity, nostalgic sweetness, sci-fi western sunsets, bad trips, and android blues.

Others sound like they were made by clocks. And in a sense, they were – these tunes are the performance of a complex biochemical machine that tracks the rhythms of the seasons, night and day, and plugs itself into the pulsing periodic thrum of our electronic infrastructure, the two uniting musically.

Art As Activism 101: 
Your Primer To Participation in the New Millenium

On the significance of claiming our authority as artists in a world shaped by mass communication's influence on mental states.  How everything we do is a creative act – how visionary art and marketing are both forms of activism – and how we can use a basic understanding of the human mind to tell a more contagious story, so it sticks and shapes a better future.  

These ideas inspired me – and they might inspire you – to take a more enthusiastic, savvy, and empowered role in our short lives on Earth...

Two New Studio Paintings
October 2014 – 18"x24" each – oil & acrylic pens on canvas
Originals for sale independently or as a pair – email me.

More time at home means more time listening to podcasts with a paint pen in my hand.  For the first time ever, really, I am taking live art home with me and doing it as therapy and meditation in my downtime.  Since I've always had a thing for fabergĂ© – maybe as part of my enduring fascination with the odd geometries and jeweled, mutating entities of hypnagogic space – these eggs seemed like a fine place to begin.  (There's something incubating here, for sure.  I'll share what's hatched from these in my next updates.)

More Revolution, Travel, Art, & Life at Globalish

My gig with Globalish is such a fabulous new evolution of my love for writing and my interest in exploring the Big Picture of the changes we are feeling as a species.  This website is for "creative urban seekers" and the odds are good that if you're reading this, that's you.  

Here are my latest articles – enjoy!:

And Then, I Release Entirely Too Much New Apparel